5 Ways to Improve the Success of your Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Discover-5-More-Ways-to-Drive-the-Success-of-your-Sales-and-Marketing-Campaigns-cta-blog-thumbIt takes an average of eight calls before most representatives are able to reach a live individual, of which only 2% will convert into appointments.  Of those opportunities, 44% of representatives will give up after the first interaction despite the average deal requiring five before any successful close – tough odds to compete with, no matter the industry.   

In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • How to more efficiently reach out to more qualified prospects
  • Ways to ensure your sales reps are prepared for every interaction
  • Easy ways to improve lead nurturing
  • How to more effectively train sales reps and improve their odds of success
  • The role of reporting and business intelligence in the sales process

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