Turn Customer Experiences into Actionable Insights with Sentiment Analysis

What if you could be made aware of the sentiment of your customers or employees each time they interact with your service team(s)?  What if you could be alerted when a customer's tone was negative, or an agent failed to be empathetic, or an escalation was requested, or there was silence for an overly-long period? 

Would this drive value for you?

In today's service-based economy, good customer experiences are the key to retaining loyal and happy customers.  Watch as we explore the benefits of leveraging Sentiment Analysis to generate actionable insights from your customer interactions including:

  • What is Sentiment Analysis and why is it important?
  • How does Sentiment Analysis work?
  • How to apply Sentiment Analysis today to complement your CX initiatives.
  • The benefits of leveraging Sentiment Analysis to enrich your primary system of record or CRM. 

See it in action.