Top 6 Contact Center and Customer Service Trends for 2016

top-6-contact-center-and-customer-service-trends-for-2016-brief.jpgThe contact center space has undergone a long overdue and rapid list of changes over recent years, and the momentum is not expected to slow down as 2016 unfolds. And when one considers the fact that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, the need to keep up with the latest industry trends quickly becomes clear.


In this brief, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of alignment between sales, marketing, and customer service, and how to successfully achieve it
  • The importance of expanding digital channel offerings, but what must be in place prior to doing so
  • The fundamental shift that will take place as it relates to social customer care
  • How the need for greater flexibility will further fuel cloud and SaaS adoption
  • The crucial self-service touch point every business should be offering to enhance customer service and reduce call volume

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