Integrate Sentiment Analysis 
for your Contact Center with
3CLogic and ServiceNow  

Available Now! 

How can your contact center leverage the power of speech transcription with AI and machine learning to translate the voice of the customer into actionable tasks?

That's what you'll discover in this brief preview  demonstration where 3CLogic's Rahul Molhatra and Guillaume Seynhaeve of Hackathon Team Vocalize demonstrate how they leveraged commercial off-the-shelf technology, including Amazon Web Services Transcribe, Lamda and Comprehend, together with the 3CLogic cloud-based IVR solution and the ServiceNow platform. 

Join us for this LIVE recorded webinar to discover how this winning application solves a number of crucial challenges in today’s contact center landscape, including the ability to:

  • Capture customer engagements for analysis to drive key insights into the quality of the interaction.
  •  Improve responsiveness to exceed customer expectations, while giving supervisors an unbiased and real-time view of the emotion of clients being served.

  • Leverage a coaching platform for agent training and improvement.

CIO’s, Customer Service Professionals, Contact Center Managers and Developers are encouraged to view this!


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