Integration Benefits

  • Streamline Lead Management
  • Enhance Lead Nurture and Follow-Up
  • Increase Lead-to-Call
  • Improve Conversion Rates
  • Drive Sales
  • Lower Cost Per Lead
  • Enhance User Efficiency
  • Leverage Employee Skills
  • Automate Manual Processes
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3CLogic and Infusionsoft Integration

Give your CRM a Voice

You have customers. Let’s get to know them.

Streamlined User-Interface

Manage all customer information and communication preferences (voice, email, chat) from a single streamlined platform, removing the hassle and inefficiency of toggling between separate systems and screens.

Syncing Call Information

Automatically post all call information (call recording, notes taken, time and date, result, agent who handled call, etc.) to each customer’s record, removing the need for reps to do so manually, and setting them up for successful interactions in the future.

Intelligent Call Routing

Mold your telephony platform to preexisting business workflows, and automatically route customers to the most qualified individual, or enable them to service their own needs with advanced IVR and Skills-Based routing tools.

Enhanced Speed-to-dial

Automatically push any new marketing-generated leads into 3CLogic’s dialing platform, enabling allowing agents to contact prospects immediately, without delay.

Inbound Record Retrieval

Automatically populate agent screens with each customer’s information and records the moment a call is connected, enabling them to deliver fast and informed assistance to clients, without delay.

Embedded Click-to-Call

Convert every phone number stored in your database management solution into a convenient click-to-call button, removing the need for reps to search for and manually dial a client’s contact information.

Auto-Dialer Options

Using 3CLogic’s advanced TCPA-friendly dialing solutions (preview, progressive, predictive, fixed-ratio), automatically initiate contact with leads in a designated campaigns while populating agent screens with relevant records, improving the success of any sales or marketing initiative.

Automatic Lead Nurturing

By simply selecting a disposition highlighting the result of an interaction, automatically place customers in designated campaigns, triggering any necessary steps while nurturing them through the sales funnel with ease.

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