Integration Features

  • Single Integrated Solution For All Voice Related Needs
  • Improved Business Continuity
  • Keep Existing Business Processes Intact
  • Seamless Integration Between Contact Center
    Operations and Corporate Back-Office
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3CLogic and Verint Integration

The Best of Both Worlds.

Front-line contact center initiatives meet back-office operations

Call Flow Management

With disparate telephony platforms comes unhappy customers. But with the 3CLogic – PBX configuration, seamlessly route calls between departments and your contact center while enhancing overall productivity and the customer experience.

Eliminate Extra Charges

Forget additional long-distance or bridge call charges. With the 3CLogic – PBX configuration, all calls are distributed over a private network, eliminating the need for any third-party vendors.

Removal of Capacity Restrictions

3CLogic’s advanced configuration with PBX links internal and client facing communication channels through a private connection, removing the need to use your main phone lines when transferring calls.

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