Integration Benefits

  • Streamline Customer Service
  • Improve Customer Lifetime Value
  • Optimize Your Workforce
  • Increase First Call Resolutions
  • Enhance User Efficiency
  • Eliminate Manual Processes
  • Increase Supervisor Visibility
  • Eliminate Departmental Siloes
  • Enable Client Self-Service
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3CLogic and Zendesk Integration

Streamline Customer Support

Customer Support is challenging enough. So why not simplify it?

Ticket Retrieval

With our fully integrated solution, automatically access and review past and current client support tickets, saving your reps time while allowing them to immediately focus on the client’s needs. With the combined integration, your reps can now focus on delivering the highest quality service without the added hassle of locating client information.

Voicemail Ticket Generation

There are times when contact center reps simply cannot answer every call. With 3CLogic’s Zendesk integration, any customer voicemail is automatically converted into a new support ticket and added to the queue, minimizing the risk of any voicemail going unanswered or unaddressed in a timely fashion.


The ability to contact clients as quickly as possible is a necessity for any business handling customer service activities. With our unique click-to-call feature, your reps can contact any Zendesk client record with the simple click of a button, removing the need for reps to search and manually dial clients, while making the interaction hassle-free and efficient.

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