October 13-14, 2021
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3CLogic is proud to be a Select Sponsor of Now at Work, ServiceNow’s digital conference for business leaders and IT professionals looking to take their ServiceNow expertise to the next level.

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Why You Should Voice-Enable Your ServiceNow ITSM Help Desk


Navya Pandiri, VP of Product Management at 3CLogic
Guillaume Seynhaeve, VP of Marketing and Alliances at 3CLogic

Date: Available on-demand starting October 13, 2021

When a customer or employee is frustrated with a technology issue, having the ability to dial up the IT Help Desk is often the fastest path to resolution. Thanks to 3CLogic’s native contact center integration for ServiceNow ITSM, that experience becomes seamless while leveraging your existing ServiceNow investment.

In this session, we’ll explore how 3CLogic complements ServiceNow's digital workflows, like email and chat, to increase productivity, improve issue resolution times, and enhance the IT service experience for employees and IT staff. You’ll learn how 3CLogic extends the capabilities of ServiceNow ITSM through advanced and scalable features such as dynamic voice workflows, voice-enabled self-service, speech analytics, and more.

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For a complete overview of Now at Work, visit: www.servicenow.com/now-at-work

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Integrating our call center into our ITSM platform always seemed like a bit of a pipe dream and frankly out of reach. [With 3CLogic] it became one of our biggest projects and one of our most successful. We couldn't be happier with the technology and the service. Our teams love it and it has improved our customer service significantly.

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Enter to win a free Yeti Cup when you sign up for a free consultation with our team to learn how 3CLogic’s native integration with ServiceNow can transform your contact center.