3CLogic's CLoud COmmunication Platform

Empowering customer engagements for the
modern enterprise.

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Improve the customer journey with intelligent
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Respond to customer needs effectively and efficiently by matching your
telephony platform to your business processes, creating
a seamless customer experience - from start to finish.


Make your enterprise more efficient

Gain a single, comprehensive view of your business from a
web-based CTI to create a unified workforce.


Extend the value of your data for exceptional sales, customer service or help desk support

Merge your CRM or Service platform with 3CLogic's communication platform, complimenting existing workflow, for a seamless customer experience.



Gain greater visibility into what drives customer engagements

Access reports and business intelligence to monitor contact center activities and campaign performance.



Deploy on your own terms

Enjoy the flexibility to choose from multiple deployment models, strategically designed
to meet you wherever you are on your cloud migration path. 

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Customer Success Story

"The biggest benefit of the 3CLogic integration is that
now we can easily manage all of our information in one place."

- Service Delivery Manager

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