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3CLogic Customer Service and Support

Accelerate Sales and Marketing

Short on time and high on expectations, today’s consumers are more challenging to reach and convert than ever before. Take your agent performance and sales to new heights with 3CLogic’s feature-rich communications platform.

  • Increase Contact Rates Get in front of more leads and prospects – faster.
  • Improve Interactions Monetize every interaction with advanced tools and unparalleled insights.
  • Grow Conversions Easily schedule follow-ups, nurture leads, and effectively drive sales.

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3CLogic Customer Service and Support

Streamline Customer Service and Support

In a world where customer service is sometimes more important than the product itself, having the right tools to power your client engagements has never been more important. Equip your team with the solution to help deliver.

  • Cater to Consumer Preferences Deliver and manage all customer support communication channels from a single platform.
  • Optimize Resources Intelligently direct clients to the individual best suited to meet their needs.
  • Enhance Service Delivery Ask the right questions and deliver the right answers, with greater efficiency.

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3CLogic Manage Your Contact Center

Manage Your Contact Center with Ease

Whether your team is performing sales, marketing, or service initiatives, their success ultimately depends on the reliability and functionality of its communications platform. Excel with 3CLogic’s robust and flexible solution.

  • Launch Customizable Campaigns Easily set controls, assign agent skill groups, and customize preferences to your organization or clients’ needs.
  • Supervise and Coach with Ease Gain greater visibility and control over every customer interaction.
  • Make Insightful Decisions Quickly access the business intelligence you need to make the right decisions.

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Explore the Value of Integrating 3CLogic to Enhance your Customer Service Initiatives

As a valued ServiceNow Silver Technology Partner, 3CLogic is featured in their newest eBook, Intelligent Apps World: Digitize your business with intelligent apps from ISV partners.
Download it now to discover how a prominent SeriveNow customer employed 3CLogic's CTI and Call Center platform to increase customer satisfaction and gain complete visibility and control over Help Desk performance. 

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Call Center Software

Flexibility to meet your specific enterprise needs

3C Connect CTI Adaptor

Integrate your existing legacy or on-prem telephony and CRM systems with 3CLogic's CTI adaptor, designed as an easy-to-implement, cost-efficient bridge to leverage existing ACD and IVR flows in an intuitive, single-agent interface. Take your first step toward either pure or hybrid cloud migration with 3CLogic.

Pure Cloud Communication

Leverage the pure power of cloud with 3CLogic’s complete end-to-end communication platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you the full scalability, feature flexibility, and efficiency that is cloud. Your business. Your solution. Your way.

Hybrid Cloud Communication

Make use of your existing on-premise system (Cisco or Avaya) and infrastructure investment with 3CLogic’s Hybrid Cloud offering and combine the reliability, security, and quality of your current platform with the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency of cloud.

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Boost Customer Engagements

At 3CLogic, we provide you the integrations you need to help connect the solutions you already use and power the business you already know. Fast. Easy. Seamless.

3CLogic and Servicenow Integration

3CLogic and ServiceNow Integration

Offering the only seamlessly integrated CTI and multichannel platform for ServiceNow, 3CLogic optimizes customer service management by automating user activities, intelligently routing customer inquiries, providing consolidated reporting, and more.

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3CLogic and SugarCRM Integration

3CLogic and SugarCRM Integration

By complementing Sugar’s open-source CRM platform with 3CLogic’s robust CTI and multichannel solution, equip your team with the tools they need to optimize marketing initiatives, increase sales, and streamline support, while eliminating manual processes and enhancing workflow efficiency.

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3CLogic and Salesforce Integration

3CLogic and Salesforce Integration

Fully leverage the power of Salesforce for sales and customer service interactions with 3CLogic’s end-to-end cloud communication platform, offering seamlessly integrated CTI, screen-pop, intelligent customer routing, quality management tools, deep integrated reporting, and more.

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3CLogic and Infusionsoft Integration

3CLogic and Infusionsoft Integration

By combining Infusionsoft’s powerful marketing automation and lead management software with 3CLogic’s multichannel communications platform, gain a 360-degree view of all voice, chat, email, and social media interactions with clients while enhancing your team’s overall productivity and customer engagements.

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3CLogic and Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

3CLogic and Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Enhance the power of Microsoft Dynamics with 3CLogic’s advanced multichannel cloud contact center solution, and provide your customer-facing employees with the tools and insights they need to engage clients and deliver on their expectations across all touch points.

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3CLogic and Custom Integration

3CLogic Custom Integrations

That’s not all—we integrate with even more CRM and Customer Service management platforms including Zoho and Zendesk along with advanced WFM, WFO, Social Media Management, and on-premise solutions. Don’t see your platform listed here? We do custom integrations too!

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