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3CLogic - Medallia Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic
3CLogic - Medallia Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic
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Key benefits

There is a wealth of information hidden in every customer interaction. Together with 3CLogic and Medallia, bring advanced contact center capabilities — such as real-time call transcription, sentiment & predictive analytics, and AI Coaching — to help quickly sort, identify, and proactively improve experiences and performance across the entire customer or employee journey.

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Call Transcriptions
  • Multi-Languages
  • Predictive Analytics
  • AI Coaching
  • Data Security

Contact Center AI with 3CLogic & Medallia

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    Sentiment Analysis

    Leverage AI to spot what might otherwise go unnoticed

    Did you know only 1-2% of calls are analyzed for quality assurance? Automate the entire QA process for every call with AI-powered speech analytics. Leveraging the latest in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and acoustic sentiment insights, quickly surface conversational intelligence, including emotions, script compliance, and risks, to deliver improved customer experiences.

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    Call Transcriptions

    Save time with voice-to-text transcriptions

    Save thousands of employee working hours with voice-to-text transcriptions that automatically convert each interaction into actionable feedback and easy-to-understand insights. With 100% of calls transcribed, seamlessly review historical exchanges to uncover customer pain points, agent performance, and overall customer satisfaction in real time while optimizing productivity and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). 

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    Analyze interactions across 30+ languages

    Deliver conversational intelligence on a global scale across 30+ languages and dialects. With 3CLogic and Medallia, enjoy accurate transcriptions for nearly any language or dialect while monitoring out-of-the-box topics, sentiment scores, and experiences.

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    Predictive Analytics

    Predict and prevent unwanted outcomes

    Take a proactive approach to customer service with AI-powered predictive analytics, designed to alert teams of events and trends, good or otherwise. Leveraging adaptive machine learning models, effortlessly identify key moments such as employee praise, customer retention risks, or behavioral changes and act when it matters — then and there. 

  • 5
    AI Coaching

    Optimize agent training with AI Coaching

    No one can be everywhere at once, especially in today’s remote work environment. With AI Coaching, supervisors can enjoy the convenience of automated scores, real-time actionable agent feedback, and auto-completed evaluation forms to maximize every coaching opportunity — from anywhere.  

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    Data Security

    Keep your customers and employees safe

    Reduce privacy and compliance risks with a globally available solution designed to adhere to the highest security practices. Medallia is GDPR, CCPA, ISO27001, FedRAMP, and SOC2 compliant, to enable data-safe and worry-free engagements.

Product Capabilities

Out-of-the-box capabilities

Reliable, secure, and powerful. Configured to your needs.

Agent Optimization (CTI)

Seamlessly manage voice and SMS interactions in your CRM.

AI and Automation

Streamline workflows, advance your analytics, supercharge the self-service center, and deliver intelligent coaching.

Conversational AI

Reduce labor costs with human-like, personalized interactions and automated task management for repeatable inquiries.

SMS Engagement

Drive effective customer interactions with easy alerts & notifications, and one-click outreaches.

Intelligent Interactions (IVR)

Gain full control over the customer journey with automated insights and intelligent routing options.

Reporting and Dashboards

Leverage comprehensive data sets for deep insights and strategic decision-making.

Speech Analytics and Coaching

Automatically translate every customer conversation into actionable insights.

Secure Payment Processing

Provide seamless and secure payment experiences through voice and digital channels.

Click to Call

Improve connection rates, agent talk-time, and general agent efficiency with outbound call capabilites.

Platform Integrations

Integrated with the platforms you already have

3CLogic’s AI and contact center solutions are purpose-built to integrate with the systems you already use, driving unified and enhanced customer experiences.

Industry Insights

Stay in the know

Everything you need to know about the latest CX/EX news for you, your employees, and your business.

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