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3CLogic - Sycurio Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic
3CLogic - Sycurio Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic
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Key benefits

Protect sensitive payment information while enhancing the customer experience with Sycurio and 3CLogic, enabling safe payment processing and sweeping reductions in scope for PCI audits for global contact centers. With a market-leading payment solution, your organization can effortlessly provide customers with secure payment experiences through voice and SMS.

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • CTI Integration
  • IVR Payments
  • ACH & Credit Card
  • SMS Options
  • Global PSP

Secure payments with 3CLogic & Sycurio

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    PCI DSS Compliance

    Protect your brand, your people, and the customer

    Global card payment fraud losses are expected to total approximately $48B by 2031. Reduce risks and protect your customers' personal data with PCI-compliant payment processing, while ensuring faster transactions and lower average handle times. We handle the security so that you can concentrate on the experience.

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    CTI Integration

    Integrate payment security into your CX platforms

    Sycurio’s payment solution natively integrates with 3CLogic’s CTI, delivering seamless transaction services within any CRM or service management platform. Mask payment details in call recordings and transcripts, keeping engagements easy and flowing while personal details are kept hidden from contact center records.

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    IVR Payments

    Enable voice self-service options

    Not every payment request needs to be handled by a live agent. Deliver convenient and fast service with secure payment processing connected to 3CLogic’s IVR for intelligent self-service options. Solve common transaction requests and lower operational costs with virtual agent interactions while strictly reserving live agents for more complex payment inquiries.

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    ACH & Credit Card

    Support agent-assisted transactions

    Easily and securely process agent-assisted credit card and ACH payments for quick and hassle-free transaction handling. Allow agents to interact and guide customers throughout the payment process while automatically redacting payment details and sensitive information to ensure PCI compliance end-to-end.

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    SMS Options

    Convenient payments with SMS

    Widen customer accessibility to secure payment services with SMS.  Enjoy PCI-compliant and configurable payment links with customizable expiration, password, or inactivity options to maximize customer convenience without compromising security standards and safety.

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    Global PSP

    Worldwide reach with 30+ PSP providers

    Enjoy secure payments on a global scale with over 30+ PSP providers including Mastercard, Fiserv, Chase, Paypal, Stripe, and HostedPCI among others.

Product Capabilities

Out-of-the-box capabilities

Reliable, secure, and powerful. Configured to your needs.

Agent Optimization (CTI)

Seamlessly manage voice and SMS interactions in your CRM.

AI and Automation

Streamline workflows, advance your analytics, supercharge the self-service center, and deliver intelligent coaching.

Conversational AI

Reduce labor costs with human-like, personalized interactions and automated task management for repeatable inquiries.

SMS Engagement

Drive effective customer interactions with easy alerts & notifications, and one-click outreaches.

Intelligent Interactions (IVR)

Gain full control over the customer journey with automated insights and intelligent routing options.

Reporting and Dashboards

Leverage comprehensive data sets for deep insights and strategic decision-making.

Speech Analytics and Coaching

Automatically translate every customer conversation into actionable insights.

Secure Payment Processing

Provide seamless and secure payment experiences through voice and digital channels.

Click to Call

Improve connection rates, agent talk-time, and general agent efficiency with outbound call capabilites.

Platform Integrations

Integrated with the platforms you already have

3CLogic’s AI and contact center solutions are purpose-built to integrate with the systems you already use, driving unified and enhanced customer experiences.

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