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Boost performance and productivity with effective call deflection, automated QA processes, and AI assistance — all through a single workspace.

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Support Optimization

Support made quick and easy — for everyone

When employees require IT support, immediate service is essential for them to return to work promptly. 3CLogic helps make the experience seamless:

  • Deflect calls to self-service for tasks such as ticket creation, updates on regional outages, password resets, etc.
  • Leverage convenient SMS for personalized interactions or mass notifications (i.e. outage updates).
  • Ensure the most complex issues are routed to the appropriate live agent for increased first-time resolution and shorter wait times.
IT Efficiency

Spend less or improve IT services — why not both?

IT support representatives would rather solve problems and fix issues than prepare call notes, audit engagements, or organize ticket numbers and contact records. With 3CLogic, minimize mundane and repetitive tasks by leveraging auto-call transcriptions and GenAI call summarization, giving your team back to assist more customers, personalize training programs, or optimize workflows. With a low-code, no-code interaction manager, easily build and refine workflow without requiring expensive developer assistance.

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AI Insights & Analytics

Let Artificial Intelligence do the heavy lifting

From password resets to troubleshooting an employee's computer — with deep insights into every engagement, your service desk can easily be optimized to improve productivity and drive down costs.

  • Leverage AI-powered sentiment analysis for automated QA processing to learn why people are calling, and how your agents are responding
  • With insights into 100% of engagements, it becomes easy to optimize workflows for SMS, self-service, and intelligent routing
  • Boost performance with AI Coaching and automated insights into sentiment scoring, best practice adherence, and more to optimize service and CSAT scores
Product Capabilities

Out-of-the-box capabilities

Reliable, secure, and powerful. Configured to your needs.

Agent Optimization (CTI)

Seamlessly manage voice and SMS interactions in your CRM.

AI and Automation

Streamline workflows, advance your analytics, supercharge the self-service center, and deliver intelligent coaching.

Conversational AI

Reduce labor costs with human-like, personalized interactions and automated task management for repeatable inquiries.

SMS Engagement

Drive effective customer interactions with easy alerts & notifications, and one-click outreaches.

Intelligent Interactions (IVR)

Gain full control over the customer journey with automated insights and intelligent routing options.

Reporting and Dashboards

Leverage comprehensive data sets for deep insights and strategic decision-making.

Speech Analytics and Coaching

Automatically translate every customer conversation into actionable insights.

Secure Payment Processing

Provide seamless and secure payment experiences through voice and digital channels.

Click to Call

Improve connection rates, agent talk-time, and general agent efficiency with outbound call capabilites.

Platform Integrations

Integrated with the platforms you already have

3CLogic’s AI and contact center solutions are purpose-built to integrate with the systems you already use, driving unified and enhanced customer experiences.

Industry Insights

Stay in the know

Everything you need to know about the latest CX/EX news for you, your employees, and your business.

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