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Harness the power of AI and automation to supercharge your contact center with seamless and effortless experiences.

3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities

Key benefits

Empower agents and supervisors to effortlessly deliver exceptional experiences, harnessing AI's full potential and benefits. From streamlining workflows and automating manual tasks to gaining rich sentiment insights and quickly enhancing your agents' performance, 3CLogic’s Cloud Contact Center solutions offer a comprehensive suite of AI-powered capabilities. It's not more than you need — just more than you’re used to.

  • Self-Service & Conversational AI
  • GenAI Call Summarizations
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Automatic Call Transcriptions
  • Agent Coaching
  • Real-Time transcriptions
Self-Service & Conversational AI

Human-like service that never sleeps with Conversational AI

Not every call needs to be solved by a live agent. With 3CLogic’s voice self-service solution, deliver personalized experiences that are quick and efficient in addressing everyday inquiries — anytime and any day. The virtual agent leverages advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to detect each caller’s intent while enabling human-like interactions for a seamless end-to-end experience.

Gen-AI Call Summarizations

Solve for everyday tasks with Generative AI

“I love taking notes,” said no one — ever. With 3CLogic’s integrated GenAI capability, analyze speech patterns and identify keywords to create automated call summaries with impressive speed and accuracy. Eliminate repetitive note-taking for agents while ensuring consistent and error-free summarization for every interaction.

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Sentiment Analysis

Leverage Speech Analytics for deep sentiment insights

Allow supervisors the luxury to focus their time on where it’s best spent — helping customers and supporting agents. With AI-powered Speech Analytics, supervisors have the insights they need to spot trends, assess the quality of every customer engagement, and take data-driven actions — it’s intelligent QA at scale.

Automatic Call Transcriptions

Improve productivity with automatic call transcriptions

No need to listen to lengthy call recordings or rely on inconsistent agent notes. Enjoy the benefit of automatic call transcriptions from 3CLogic, integrated with your CRM or service management platform and available across 30+ languages, to streamline processes and create a high-performing culture.

Agent Coaching

Create high-performing agents with AI Coaching

With AI Coaching, actionable feedback based on agents' calls is automatically generated. Pre-completed call evaluation forms provide supervisors with key insights into agent opportunities for growth and best practices, making it easy to create high-performing agents and improve contact center efficiency.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Real-time call transcriptions for real-time agent assistance

Complex customer or employee needs can sometimes make for complex call interactions. 3CLogic’s real-time call transcription offering, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), enables AI-powered agent tools and capabilities to deliver in-the-moment suggested responses, assets, and resources to optimize each customer interaction.


Integrated with the platforms you already use.

Simplify the way you work and engage with a native contact center solution, designed to complement your existing CRM or service management system.

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Yes, it is! Although, the impact might vary between organizations. Here’s a quick article to help you calculate your cost savings: GenAI blog

AI and automation significantly enhance the customer experience in contact centers by automating and eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks while providing rich engagement insights in real time. AI and automation capabilities enable consistent service delivery, personalized interactions, intelligent routing, 24/7 self-service, and in-depth engagement insights for tailored agent training opportunities and optimization of contact center workflows — driving proactive service for long-term customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive brand perception.

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3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

Expert, responsive, flexible...I've felt like our organization has had a true partnership with the entire 3C team. I'd give them six stars if the option were available.

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

I cannot speak highly enough about the improvement we have had in our IT Service Desk. This product is great, but what I love more than the product is the team at 3CLogic. They are simply incredible!

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

Imagine a dashboard with real-time agent statistics. I can click another tab, called Athena reports. This allows you to quickly drill down to Call Distribution, Calls by the month, or a Service Level Report. These are pre-defined reports. Nothing I had to build. 3CLogic has a product that thinks about all the stakeholders in call center.

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