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Today, there’s no shortage of data. The trick is being able to quickly sort through and identify what’s meaningful from what’s just noise — at scale.

3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities

Key benefits

All too often, organizations are forced to make operational decisions based on incomplete insights. Data is often scattered across disparate systems of record and manual reporting processes are tedious and time-consuming – until now. With 3CLogic, save time and effort with AI-supported insights, real-time KPIs, and actionable dashboards & wallboards integrated side-by-side with any existing CRM or service management platform for a comprehensive view of your employee and customer service operations.

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Dashboard and Wallboards
  • Automated Alerts
  • Speech Analytics
  • Single Platform View
Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive data without the headache

Easily spot trend performance over time or drill down into specific teams and measurements to target improvement efforts and optimize day-to-day workforce management. With 3CLogic’s intuitive reporting interface, supervisors can build comprehensive contact center reports and graphs, leveraging real-time and historical data. With out-of-the-box KPIs and metrics, such as service level, first call resolution, and average talk time, 3CLogic takes the pain out of the reporting process.

Dashboard and Wallboards

Big picture view — actionable insights

Empower supervisors with complete visibility into agent performance to easily provide proactive feedback and support. With configurable and actionable Wallboards & Dashboards, supervisors can quickly assess and respond to everyday events from the comfort of a single administrative workspace. Easily send agent messages, update agent statuses, join active calls, or change agent assignments.

Automated Alerts

Help supervisors stay focused on what matters

Don’t let manual processes stand in your way of evaluating contact center performance and improving operations. Easily set conditions or controls —such as wait time limits — to automatically alert supervisors of issues and intelligently route calls when problems escalate. With automated reports, your supervisors can spend less time on time-consuming, manual reporting and more time adding value to their data findings.

Speech Analytics

Dig deeper with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Easily monitor the quality of every customer or employee engagement with AI-powered insights. Developed with advanced speech-to-text transcription and machine learning, 3CLogic’s Speech Analytics provides intelligent acoustic metrics, automated sentiment scoring, and keyword capturing, to proactively flag and draw attention to issues before they escalate.

Single platform view

Enrich your CRM or service management platform

Avoid the headache of manually gathering fragmented data into complete reports. Because 3CLogic deeply integrates with your CRM or service platform, you can easily fold your contact center data into your existing platform analytics and dashboards for a comprehensive view.


Integrated with the platforms you already use.

Simplify the way you work and engage with a native contact center solution, designed to complement your existing CRM or service management system.

Still curious? Read our top FAQs.

Yes, data from multiple systems can be consolidated into a single unified view. With reporting and analytics capabilities from 3CLogic, insights are embedded into the CRM or service management system in real-time, providing teams with invaluable contextual insights for customer engagements, agent performance, KPIs, workflow optimization, and more. Changes in customer data or interaction history are reflected immediately in CRM or CXM reports, dashboards, or wallboards.

The effectiveness of a reporting tool in analyzing historical and real-time data to identify trends, patterns, and performance outliers is dependent on its ability to leverage advanced AI and analytics. With 3CLogic, AI and machine learning algorithms are leveraged to deliver granular data insights for sentiment scoring, keyword usage, agent best practices, and more. This data, together with additional KPIs, such as wait times, average call handling time, active agent status, etc., are immediately pushed to dashboards and reports accessible within an organization's CRM or system management platform, creating a unified view of performance and insights. When in-depth data is stored through a unified platform view, it becomes easy for the contact center teams to quickly and effectively identify areas of improvement or success, driving proactive problem-solving and continuous operational improvements.

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

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3CLogic's solution also improved our efficiency in phone call quality assurance; reducing the total scorecard process by 75% (from 6hr/wk to 1.5hr/wk).

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

One of our company's core values is "Customer First" and the 3CLogic definitely helps us improve the customer experience.

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

We couldn't be happier with the technology and the service. Our teams love it and its improved our customer service significantly.

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