ACD stands for Automatic Call Distributor or Automatic Call Distribution. It is used mostly for inbound calling. When multiple inbound calls are made to your contact center, an ACD ensures that the call of the highest priority is answered by a live agent first. The disposition for distribution priority is selected by the call center administrator and could include time call has been in the queue, whether they are a call-back, which project the caller belongs to, or agent skill group selected through an IVR menu.

Agent Presence:

This is a monitoring feature that shows administrators the activity of their contact center agents while they are using the contact center software. It shows the duration of their time spent logged into the system, as well as the duration of each status they are in such as away, on a call, finalizing a call, etc.


ANI stands for Automatic Number Identification or an Automatic Number Identifier. It is a technology that detects and displays the phone number of a caller, similar to caller ID.


An application is a computer program designed to help the user perform a specific activity on their computer or mobile device. A software application is specifically used to perform a task for a user, whereas regular software has capabilities that integrate with the computer’s operating system, but do not always directly interact with the user.


Advanced Micro Devices.


See IVR.


Auto-Dialing is when a set list of numbers is uploaded into a dialer system and dialed automatically at a set number of calls (for example, 2 lines at a time). It is similar to predictive dialing, but the way that the dialing process is controlled differs.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a public cloud deployed by Amazon. AWS offers the highest level of security and reliability for cloud-based software services, which is why 3CLogic elected to use it to host our Contact Center Solution. 3CLogic is the only contact center solution hosted in the AWS cloud.


This is a feature that allows a contact center supervisor to join in and interrupt a call between an agent and a customer for the purpose of training the agent and/or enhancing the customer’s experience.

Call Blast:

Call Blast is a feature that sends out a pre-recorded message to a database of phone numbers via auto-dialing.