Create intelligent customer journeys with Interaction Flow Designer (IVR)

Gain full control with intelligent call flows and analytics, ensuring every customer or employee embarks on an excellent journey.

3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities
3CLogic Cloud Contact Center Solutions Capabilities

Key benefits

While digital channels like chat, SMS, and email have modernized today’s service centers, customers and employees still reach for the phone when an issue escalates in complexity or priority. With 3CLogic’s IVR, your organization has access to intelligent call flows and actionable insights, so that you can deliver excellent customer and agent experiences.

  • AI-Powered Self-Service
  • Intelligent Workflows
  • Smart Routing
  • Dynamic Queues
  • CRM & CXM Integration
  • Analytics and Insights
AI-Powered Self-Service

Drive scalability and efficiency with intelligent self-service

Reserve live agents for only specialized, complex, or high-touch interactions with advanced voice workflows designed to effectively deflect and solve routine inquiries. Leveraging the power of Conversational AI, easily reduce wait times and improves speed of resolution while elevating overall CX and EX initiatives.

Intelligent Workflows

Intuitive low-code no-code designer

Effortlessly build, deploy, and manage advanced interaction flows without the need to depend on internal IT resources or expensive third-party vendors. Simply drag and drop elements to quickly create personalized and efficient experiences leveraging native text-to-speech, speech-to-text, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), SMS, and integrated CRM/CXM variables — no special skills required.

Smart Routing

Skill-based routing for instant customer satisfaction

Turn the human touch into your competitive advantage with intelligent routing for engagements in need of that extra level of empathy, care, or expertise. With skills-based routing, automatically match customers or employees based on their profile, past history, or interest with the most qualified agent to solve issues — fast.

Dynamic Queues

Adaptable experiences for better outcomes

The world is always changing. As it does, so should the experiences you deliver. With 3CLogic’s dynamic queues, automatically adjust the experience for any customer or employee waiting to be serviced. Quickly reset expectations for wait times, auto-route to new teams, or offer alternative service options without the need for manual changes or intervention.

CRM & CXM Integration

Integrated with your CRM or CXM platform

Avoid duplicating your data into yet another platform to enable personalized and catered outcomes. With 3CLogic, easily query any existing system of record (i.e.: ServiceNow, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Salesforce) to influence engagement workflows, self-service responses, or live agent routing, maximizing outcomes and experiences for customers and employees alike.

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights with IVR analytics

Empower supervisors with real-time and actionable insights to enhance efficiency and performance. Effortlessly map and analyze the entire customer journey to identify IVR bottlenecks and deflection points, enabling continuous enhancement of engagement workflows for enhanced customer experiences.


Integrated with the platforms you already use.

Simplify the way you work and engage with a native contact center solution, designed to complement your existing CRM or service management system.

Still curious? Read our top FAQs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone technology that collects information from incoming callers, whether by speech or keypad, to drive the desired outcome, such as routing a call or resolving an issue. Simply put, IVR is used to design engagement workflows between customers and agents.

Yes, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can be integrated with CRM or service management platforms. When integrated, the IVR can leverage customer data from the system of record to gain information about a caller and answer their inquiry in a more personalized manner, improving call deflection and customer satisfaction. When a customer contacts your organization, an integrated IVR system can pre-verify a caller based on their phone number or other identification code, allowing the system to greet the customer by their name, and identify needs immediately — such as asking if the customer is calling about an open ticket and wants updates.

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

The software is easy to use and the ability to see the IVR Flow Analytics is truly amazing and such a powerful tool! They are a great vendor and team to work with!

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

The IVR is easy to configure for any updates needed to the call prompts or adding a message to inform of a global outage. I can easily create and schedule reports and analyze trends for improvement.

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

The IVR has been able to deflect a huge percentage of calls daily, saving us time and manpower. Additionally, being able to access all the components, metrics, and settings from within our ServiceNow instance has been extremely convenient to say the least.

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