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Deliver exceptional sales and customer service experiences

Not every sale and customer service engagement can be digitized. In fact, leveraging voice interactions at the right time to address a customer's need or interest can make all the difference between memorable experiences or lost opportunities.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic
3CLogic Integrations
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact Center Integration | 3CLogic

A modern voice solution designed for the modern age

With a native cloud call center integration for Microsoft Dynamics365, voice-enable your Microsoft CRM or Customer Services teams to drive more meaningful sales or customer service outcomes. With its seamless and native Microsoft integration, the 3CLogic Cloud Contact Center solution is the leading enterprise voice solution designed to complement Microsoft’s existing digital channels with rich and advanced voice and SMS features such as voice self-service, intelligent call workflows, and conversational analytics.

CTI & Screen Pop

Automate routine and mundane agent tasks

Allow customer service or sales teams to focus on more complex or valuable tasks by eliminating manual work with automated screen-pops, logging of customer engagements, and auto-associated call recordings with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplify outreaches, alerts, or surveys at scale with automated calls or SMS notifications to maximize the customer experience without overburdening your sales or service teams with repetitive work.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create intelligent voice experiences

With 3CLogic's low code/no code IVR Conversation Designer, easily design advanced and intelligent call workflows directly from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Create personalized customer service experiences leveraging Microsoft Dynamics data to empower customers to self-service their needs or intelligently route them to the most qualified agents while enabling memorable experiences.

Outbound Dialers

Maximize your sales outreaches

Improve the success of any sales or marketing effort with 3CLogic’s flexible outbound dialing solutions including Predictive, Preview, and Progress options to match your campaign needs. Reach potential prospects faster and at scale with local presence features to maximize contact rates while auto-populating agent screens with relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM prospect details to streamline outreaches.

SMS Engagements

Deliver convenient engagements or notifications with SMS

Enable automated SMS alerts and notifications based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 events to quickly notify customers and prospects of relevant updates. Easily enable SMS surveys to quickly gauge customer experiences in near real-time or send SMS promotions to interested prospects to drive sales.

Reporting and Dashboards

Easily measure success with advanced performance analytics

Understand the health of your sales and customer service operations with advanced reporting and analytics integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enjoy AI-powered speech analytics to quickly understand the "voice of the customer" while streamlining any quality assurance process and optimizing agent coaching opportunities.

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Platform Integrations

Integrated with the platforms you already have

3CLogic’s AI and contact center solutions are purpose-built to integrate with the systems you already use, driving unified and enhanced customer experiences.

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A Microsoft Dynamics contact center integration helps streamline customer interaction management by unifying voice and SMS channels through an omnichannel platform view. By complementing and enhancing existing capabilities with contact center AI and automation for rich engagement data and enhanced dashboards and reporting, overall customer service processes are streamlined to drive data-driven decision-making, increased agent productivity, improved ROI, and better employee and customer experiences.

DWith integrated contact center capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics, AI-powered customer engagement insights and reporting can be pushed in real time to the MS Dynamics platform. This helps enhance existing dashboards and reporting with more comprehensive customer service insights, making it easy to take a proactive approach to boosting agent productivity, performance, and customer service. With 3CLogic, service teams are empowered with real-time call transcriptions, GenAI auto-call summarization, voice-to-text transcriptions, and more to drive seamless experiences.

Loved by business and individuals across the globe.

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At Nissan, we transitioned one of our regions to 3CLogic and the potential the platform unleashes in terms of configurability, productivity gains, and agility in changes is simply amazing. The ease with which the product fits and the extensibility to new features in the future are commendable.

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Imagine a dashboard with real-time agent statics. I can click another tab, called Athena reports. This allows you to quickly drill down to Call Distribution, Calls by the month, or a Service Level Report. These are pre-defined reports. Nothing I had to build. 3CLogic has a product that thinks about all the stakeholders in call center. 

3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating 3CLogic Review Rating

3CLogic shed light on the darkest corners of our department's processes and strategy; revealing the data we needed to drive decisions that immediately improved both our employee and customer experience. In the first 30 days we used that data to win executive approval to focus our internal resources on two initiatives that resulted in a 2% sales increase and 10% reduction in inbound customer contacts.

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