Modernize the IT Service Desk with 3CLogic for ServiceNow IT Service Management

Enjoy advanced and user-friendly AI and contact center solutions designed to enhance ServiceNow ITSM workflows and solve issues faster.
Cloud Contact Center Integration for ServiceNow ITSM | 3CLogic
3CLogic Integrations
Cloud Contact Center Integration for ServiceNow ITSM | 3CLogic

Say goodbye to IT issues
and hello to voice-enabled innovation

Revolutionize IT service delivery to quickly solve everyday requests regardless of the complexity.  With 3CLogic’s contact center solution for ServiceNow IT Service Management, leverage advanced AI-powered contact center capabilities from self-service to intelligent live-agent voice workflows to enhance employee or customer experiences while boosting the overall performance of any team without the incremental increase in costs – all from a single ServiceNow workspace.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Optimize IT service requests with CTI

Empower your IT Service Desk Team to efficiently field inquiries with relevant and personalized caller data directly from within Service Operations or traditional agent workspace with 3CLogic’s embedded CTI offering. Compliment ServiceNow’s existing digital channels, such as email and chat, to offer a single omnichannel experience designed to optimize agent productivity while delivering streamlined engagements. Remove manual agent tasks with automated Incident screen-pops or enable faster service with one-click integrated dialing – all conveniently available from your ServiceNow instance.

Intelligent Workflows

Enable intuitive voice workflows for improved IT services

Solve more issues with less effort, improving incident resolution times and call deflection with first of its kind ServiceNow-native Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designer by 3CLogic. Empower your supervisors to easily create dynamic workflows from within the ServiceNow ITSM platform to enable self-service options to everyday inquiries or facilitate skill-based routing to qualified live agents – all without the need to rely on third-party resources to make changes.

Agent Optimization

Reduce manual tasks with AI

Eliminate manual agent work with automated call recordings, real-time transcriptions, and GenAI-powered call summarizations auto-associated to the appropriate ServiceNow Incident. Improve the consistency and accuracy of agent notes for each call without the time consuming effort traditionally required. Its not cheating, just better – for everyone.

Intelligent Self-Service

Take a people-first approach with human-like self-service

“What’s my password again..” is one of the most repeated questions received by IT. With intelligent self-service, natively integrated within the ServiceNow ITSM platform, repetitive and mundane requests can easily be managed by virtual agents. Enjoy improved call deflection and call handling, all with fewer — or the same — number of live agents. Leveraging Conversational AI and NLU, and ServiceNow customer data, customers receive answers through personalized, human-like conversations.

SMS Engagement

Streamline IT requests with integrated SMS

Transform the IT service center with convenient SMS engagement, making it easy to both respond to individual incidents and send out mass notifications, such as outage alerts or disruptions. With 3CLogic’s native ServiceNow integration, intelligent SMS routing can seamlessly be accessed through ServiceNow’s Advanced Work Assignments (AWA), streamlining SMS reports and tracking within the already existing workspace.

Speech Analytics

Improve performance with AI analytics

How did that conversation go — did your IT staff follow the script, and did the inquirer leave the conversation satisfied with the results? Gain full transparency and insight into engagements with AI-powered speech analytics, providing supervisors with ServiceNow-integrated insights for sentiment scoring keyword usage, trends, and best practice adherence. Proactively provide training based on real performance data, and continuously optimize workflows by creating new self-service queues based on keywords and trends.

Unified Reporting

Streamline insights with omnichannel dashboards and reporting

Make disparate platforms and swivel chairing a part of the past. With 3CLogic, real-time contact center and engagement data are readily available within existing ServiceNow ITSM dashboards and reports, effortlessly boosting productivity and efficiency for proactive service.


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3CLogic is a globally recognized ServiceNow-certified Build and Platform Technology Partner with deployments across five continents and a diverse set of industries. Our certified developers and system admins work closely with ServiceNow product teams, and actively collaborate with industry professionals, to ensure easy migration between versions and continuous improvements.

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