Deliver exceptional experiences with 3CLogic for ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Transform the customer experience with AI-powered contact center capabilities designed to complement ServiceNow CSM to deliver more efficient engagements, boost agent productivity, and enable powerful insights into each interaction.
Cloud Contact Center Integration for ServiceNow CSM | 3CLogic
3CLogic Integrations
Cloud Contact Center Integration for ServiceNow CSM | 3CLogic

Create intelligent workflows and transform
the customer service experience

Elevate your customer service delivery and outcomes with a purpose-built AI and contact center solution designed to complement your existing ServiceNow investment and digital workflows. Experience the power and convenience of a unified offering where Voice, SMS, self-service, dynamic workflows, and engagement insights converge to optimize processes, improve call deflections, and foster a high-performing and productive culture – all from a single omnichannel ServiceNow workspace.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Omnichannel workspace for streamlined customer engagements

With 3CLogic’s Servicenow-certified CTI offering, eliminate agent “swivel-chairing” and cross-platform searches for caller information and historical records. Instead, manage all customer interactions across both digital and voice channels natively from within ServiceNow CSM's Configurable Agent Workspace with integrated features including automated screen-pops and click-to-call to enable a fully omnichannel agent experience. Work smarter, not harder.

Intelligent Workflows

Enable better CX with dynamic interaction workflows

Enjoy the convenience of creating AI-powered and intelligent customer journeys natively from within the Customer Service Management platform with 3CLogic’s ServiceNow-native Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designer. With a simple drag-and-drop design, supervisors can easily build and deploy advanced voice workflows leveraging Natural Language Understanding (NLU), text-to-speech & speech-to-text, and ServiceNow data to self-serve or route customers to the most qualified live agent based on required skills, unique profile, and previous history.

Agent Optimization

Eliminate manual work with Artificial Intelligence

Enjoy the gift of time to spend more of it helping your customers. With out-of-the-box call recordings, real-time transcriptions, and GenAI-powered call summaries no need for agents to take time-consuming notes between calls any longer. Instantly available and automatically associated with the designated ServiceNow Contact or Case, helping more customers faster just got easier.

Intelligent Self-Service

Improve call deflection without extra live agent work

Meet increasing call volumes and improve deflection without the extra operational costs with 3CLogic’s self-service, deeply embedded within the ServiceNow platform. By harnessing the power of Conversational AI & Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and using ServiceNow stored data, repetitive requests can be resolved in a personalized, human-like way, without the need for live agents.

SMS Engagements

Deliver fast and convenient customer engagements with SMS

With a 98% open rate for SMS, it’s one of the most convenient channels to quickly and efficiently reach customers. With 3CLogic’s SMS capability, integrated within ServiceNow CSM, agents can leverage automated SMS messaging integrated with ServiceNow Advanced Work Assignments (AWA) for personalized reminders, notifications at scale, or 2-way SMS engagements.

Speech Analytics

Leverage AI-powered sentiment insights and coaching

Instead of relying on 1-2% of manually audited calls, gain a full-picture view of customer engagement with 3CLogic’s AI-powered Speech Analytics offering. With ServiceNow integrated sentiment scoring, keyword identification, and best practice adherence, supervisors are empowered to deliver proactive support and agent training.

Unified Reporting

Drive results with consolidated reporting & analytics

Avoid searching for insights and data in multiple systems. 3CLogic seamlessly provides all contact center insights to the ServiceNow CSM platform, boosting productivity and contact center efficiency. With real-time insights and comprehensive analytics integrated with ServiceNow Phone Logs, and contact center KPIs available in dynamic wallboards and dashboards, proactive customer service becomes easy.

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Why choose 3CLogic for your ServiceNow instance?

3CLogic is a globally recognized ServiceNow-certified Build and Platform Technology Partner with deployments across five continents and a diverse set of industries. Our certified developers and system admins work closely with ServiceNow product teams, and actively collaborate with industry professionals, to ensure easy migration between versions and continuous improvements.

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