Revolutionize Your Service Experience with Voice AI & SMS Workflows

Whether you’re supporting customers, patients, employees, or IT, drive exceptional experiences with a contact center solution that integrates natively with your system of record.


"3CLogic was perfect. It came ready out of the box, and I know the integration will be managed, maintained, and continuously evolve as new features come in."

— Raju Vijay, VP Global People Services, Nissan
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Integrating with the World's Leading Customer Service Platforms


Driving Better ROI & CX for Global Companies


Delivering Impactful Results for Service Leaders Worldwide

By leveraging 3CLogic voice AI & SMS workflows, leading enterprises are achieving incredible outcomes for their service operations and bottom line.


Incredible Cost Savings

> Cost savings equivalent to 18 FTEs

> 45,000 emails eliminated in 1 year

> 650 hours of manual agent tasks saved in 6 months

Seamless Integration with Multiple Service Management Platforms

> Enhanced reporting for case or incident data

> Streamlined operations with with any CRM or system of record fields

> Two-way SMS capabilities managed within the system of record

Exceptional Customer Experience

> 83% reduction in call handle time in just 6 months

> 6X increase in call volume capacity

> 20% of incoming calls handled with voice self-service

Future-Proof Your Service Operations in the Near and Long Term

3CLogic's contact center workflows enable you to consolidate your tech stack, automate tedious tasks, and proactively address performance issues to minimize operational costs while maintaining exceptional service.

Automate Time-Consuming Tasks with Intelligent IVR Workflows

> Create personalized experiences that callers will love.

> Leverage an intuitive IVR conversation designer to automate routine tasks and reduce manual workload.

> Design intelligent call workflows directly within your service management platform.

IVR Workflow

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Transform the Customer Experience with Voice-Enabled Self-Service

> Empower customers to independently resolve common issues.

> Free up agents to focus on complex cases that need their attention.

> Minimize repetitive tasks such as recording and transcribing calls.

Support Your Agents To Work From Anywhere with a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

> Empower your agents to efficiently field customer inquiries with relevant and personalized caller data from your CRM.

> Create a single, unified agent workspace complete with CTI Screen Pops for a more streamlined, client-centric experience.

> Improve employee productivity and allow agents to focus on high-priority issues and customer satisfaction.

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Simplify Customer Engagement with SMS

> Utilize SMS routing to efficiently and effectively direct requests to the most appropriate resolution.

> Facilitate convenient SMS conversations to resolve issues faster.

> Automate surveys and appointment reminders to reduce manual work.

> Trigger alerts and notifications to swiftly update customers.

Unlock Insights with Speech Analytics, Real-Time Reporting, and Dashboards 

> Leverage conversational AI for sentiment analysis of customer engagements.

> Identify bottlenecks and deflection points to continuously improve workflows.

> Employ speech analytics to monitor agent performance and take data-driven action.

> Generate automated reports and alerts to increase efficiency and improve operations.

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