Contact center analytics reporting

Contact Center reporting & analytics to drive business intelligence.

Measure overall Contact Center health and optimize agent performance from a single, powerful reporting engine —  not a compilation of disconnected and unstructured data points — the tool you need to make informed business decisions.

Optimize your Contact Center data with advanced reporting and analytics.

Improved Outcomes thanks to Better Insights

The more you know, the more you can optimize the performance of your call center to drive superior customer experiences, whether in sales or support.  With advanced real-time and historical data at your fingertips, easily transform call metrics and KPIs into actionable and meaningful insights.

Real-time Wallboards and Drilldowns

Enjoy high-level real-time statics or drill down into specific KPIs and call metrics to quickly assess the health of your call center operations.  Conveniently monitor and manage your team from the office or from home with ease.



Actionable Supervisor Dashboards

Conveniently monitor and manage your team from a single supervisor dashboard.  Change agent queue assignments, send private messages, or change the status of an agent remotely and on demand to help ensure your call center is operating smoothly at all times.

Configurable Alerts and Notifications

Empower supervisors to focus on the calls, queues, or agents in most need of their input or assistance with conditioned-based visual or audio alerts. Easily configure and update notifications to focus on the most crucial moments and events in real-time as your call center needs change.


Drag-and-Drop Historical Reporting

With 3CLogc’s flexible interface conveniently build and schedule reports, graphs, charts and KPIs to identify focus areas and drive meaningful insights.

Call Flow Performance Analytics

Quickly access and evaluate the performance of your IVRs to identify potential bottlenecks, call abandonments, or opportunities to refine the customer journey.  Drill down into specific branches of your call flows or broadly compare them to determine the optimal customer experience.  Learn More


Sentiment Scoring and Speech Analytics

Leverage SpeechNLP and AI to transcribe and analyze every call to establish the “tone” of each customer interaction.  Easily assess the quality of each of your team’s client engagements to drive actionable events, alerts, or coaching opportunities.  Learn More

Drive a Consolidated View

Combine data from your Call Center with your CRM or Service Management Platform to create a centralized and comprehensive view of what drives daily volume and engagements across all channels – both voice and digital. 


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Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my Call Center is key, and 3CLogic gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!
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