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All too often, contact center managers are forced to make operational decisions based on assumptions, rather than data. Statistics are typically scattered across disparate systems of record, call quality can be difficult to monitor, and manual reporting processes are tedious and time-consuming. Furthermore, supervisors often assume that robust data management requires a custom and costly third-party solution. 3CLogic is here to change that narrative. 

With 3CLogic Reporting and Analytics, call center managers can leverage comprehensive data sets that integrate with their CRM or service platform, to deeply understand the health of their contact center and take strategic action.


Understand the Big Picture and Take Action With Real-Time Data

3CLogic’s advanced Reporting and Analytics features enable managers to build comprehensive call center dashboards powered by real-time data. With call center KPIs for various industries and common metrics like service level and average talk time, 3CLogic takes the pain out of the reporting process. You can easily spot trend performance over time or drill down into specific teams and measurements to target improvement efforts and improve workforce management.



Monitor Agent Performance From Anywhere

3CLogic Reporting and Analytics gives supervisors full visibility into agent performance so they can support their staff where they need it most and ensure consistently excellent customer service. Natively integrating with your CRM or system of record, 3CLogic offers supervisors a single platform to monitor operations and manage their contact center team – no matter where they’re located. From the Supervisor Wallboard, managers can take data-driven actions, like sending messages or updating agent statuses, directly within the 3CLogic interface.


Increase Efficiency with Automated Reports and Alerts

Don’t let manual processes stand in your way of evaluating call center performance and improving operations. Easily set conditions or controls, like wait time limits, to automatically alert supervisors of issues and intelligently route calls when problems escalate. With automated reports, managers can spend less time with cumbersome manual reporting and more time adding value to their data findings.




Get a Pulse on Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Speech Analytics

Demystify customer interactions and easily monitor call quality with 3CLogic’s Speech Analytics. Advanced speech-to-text transcription and machine learning inform sentiment scoring of customer interactions and capture keywords to proactively flag and address escalated issues. Managers can use these analytics to identify coaching opportunities and empower their agents with actionable feedback.


Integrate Telephony Metrics With Your CRM Data for a Comprehensive View

Because 3CLogic deeply integrates with your CRM or service platform, you can easily fold your telephony data into dashboards from your digital channels for a comprehensive view of your entire contact center. You’ll leverage your platform’s existing performance analytics features and alleviate the headache of manually gathering fragmented data sets into one report.

Telephony Metrics

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Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their cloud service platforms and accelerate their digital transformation. Learn more about our integrations with ServiceNowMicrosoft DynamicsSalesforce, and SugarCRM.

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I'm an experienced workforce and call routing manager familiar with Genesys, Avaya, and VOIP systems. 3CLogic is very user-friendly and easy to comprehend. I would imagine someone with no experience at all could get a very basic call routing up and running within a single day! I've been impressed with the IVR functionality. For those familiar with IVR's 3CLogic has an interface that allows users to make many of the changes that used to take days in previous platforms, in minutes.
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