3Clogic was chosen to replace our previously outsourced call center. It was chosen for its out of the box features, as well as the ability to integrate with ServiceNow. Integration with ServiceNow makes things easy, allowing tickets to be generated right from the client. With very little configuration, we were up and running in a matter of a few weeks and we received great support along the way. We encountered a few issues during Go-Live however, their support team acted quickly and helped us identify the cause and had the issues resolved with little impact to our business. 3Clogic is a powerful tool that gets the job done. It has good reporting features and it's customizable to meet our company's specific needs however, there is a slow learning curve with understanding some of the data. You do need to know a little about the system before you can go in and change settings. It's not as intuitive as some of the other basic systems, but then, it's not a basic phone system. 3Clogic is a very viable option for any call center; I would recommend this product.

Edgar C. - ServiceNow Intergration

What I like about 3Clogic software is that it's so convenient to use for an auto-dial campaign. It makes my job easier and faster! Its features are well-organized and provided accordingly. Even the first time I used it, I did not have a hard time navigating because it's a user-friendly tool.

Dedrick Moore

The technical support of the company is amazing. As consultant, I was brought on the lead the implementation of the solution at a midsize medical practice. The solution is well built, easy to integrate and manage. Their best feature by far is the support. Great team.

Consultant in Information Technology and Services

Great product, the integration with Service Now means I can easily run and schedule reports and techs can quickly see the calls they have taken, all in one place. The professional services support was excellent, they were with me every step of the way. I was up in running with an ACD in a matter of weeks

Teresa G. - ServiceNow Integration

3C Logic has enabled our business to function as a productive call center. The metrics provided via the 3C Logic system allow us to track call flow and productivity efficient ways. The customization of reports and ease of login to the cloud-based system from any location is an advantage. 3C Logic has enabled our organization to maximize productivity and ensure a positive experience for our callers and leads.

Kelly - TRMC

The overall product from a potential perspective is exceptional.  I suggest clearly communicating road map of development for 3C and ensuring that the road map aligns with customer requests.

Erik - Custom CRM Integration

The integration with Infusionsoft is seamless. If you have Infusionsoft and need an call center integration you have to get 3Clogic, you will love it!

Ralph Romano

We've been using 3CLogic for about a year now. It's the most feature robust call center solution we found and at a reasonable price for what you're getting.

Jonathan Prichard

When we were exploring call center software we needed a scalable product that was cloud-based and could integrate with multiple instances of SugarCRM for the same client. We were on a short time frame and 3C Logic delivered. The integration was designed to enhance our ever growing call center for use by both sales and support personnel, and we had aggressive project timelines to meet. 3C Logic's speed-to-call and lead nurturing, advanced blended (inbound & outbound) call center capabilities, easy and fast infrastructure deployment, and enhanced flexibility to meet evolving business processes made 3C Logic the best choice for us. I highly recommend you explore 3C Logic with SugarCRM.

Paul Hekimian, President Pacific Street, Inc.

The 3cLogic integration with Infusionsoft has been a key to our company's growth. We see it as a huge asset

Damon DeCrescenzo

In 2014, Homes & Land leveraged the power of InfusionSoft with the flexibility and usability of 3CLogic. The results have been impressive, to say the least. Our success rate almost doubled! I would HIGHLY recommend the powerful combination these two software programs create when used in unison.

Kenneth Allewelt - Homes & Land

The 3 c phone system has allowed us to efficiently contact large numbers of clients with important notices in a timely manner and record the call outcome in infusionsoft.

In addition is allowed us to organize our labor force and have people use the 3C system anywhere in the world.

Brian Therrien - The Disability Digest

We had made a transition from another cloud call center application, and have not looked back. This platform offers on the fly functionality to manage your lead database and perform successful outbound calling campaigns! The robustness of the reporting is incredibly easy to use. If you like the way salesforce reporting works (I do) you will love this! Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my call center is key, and 3c gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!

Blake - Allied Financial

The SF Integration team at 3CLogic is extremely knowledgable and helpful. 3CL spends the time to make sure they understand the business need and make sure they make the appropriate changes. They also do a thorough job of testing before deploying any changes. I had a previous integration with another company, any we had 30 days to get our integration in order and then we were on our own. With 3CL, any time we need to make a change to our SF integration, there was always someone on their team to help with the changes.

Michael - Salesforce Integration Client

We are very pleased with the functionality of 3CLogic but in particular with the Sugar integration.

Sugar Integration Client

Since integrating 3CLogic with our Salesforce, we've added more employees and the training and support has been efficient. 3CLogic is a quality solution that integrates well with Salesforce.


We have been very impressed with the customization that 3CLogic provides and the customer service available. They have answered all questions we have and are quick to respond to any problems that arise. The dialing system it self is reliable and keeps our telemarketers on the phones for the whole day, which is more than could be said about SalesDialers. Overall we are very pleased and would recommend switching to this system if you haven't already.

Tom, Cardinal Advisors

3C has been a godsend for us! We had a recent provider that had horrible service, horrible customer service agents and this was not a good model for our small business. 3C came in and setup our call center for us within a short time (much quicker than expected)! We are very happy with their service and would recommend them highly.


If you are already using another program, I would still encourage you to check this out. Look at its functionality, simplicity, user-friendliness, and organization. Not only is the software great, but the people work directly with you, show you how to use the system, and come up with a game plan specifically for what you want. They are wonderful, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond for their customers.

Alisha, Intellework

Customer service has been phenomenal. Our call center has never once been down. Smooth as can be.

Wayne, US Air Management

We switched to 3CLogic more than a year ago - previously we used Five9. From a price standpoint, there wasn't a huge difference. We also lost a few features we really liked about Five9. But form a customer service and reliability standpoint, 3C Logic is far superior.

Mike, Quez Media Marketing

I have used several other solutions similar to this, and 3CLogic is a giant leap above all the rest.

Tiffany, Full Tilt Data

Compare all of the players in the space...you will see that there is no comparison to the functions that 3C has. Many of the functions are not even available with the others. We have already recommended it to several of our clients.

PAB Enterprises

3CLogic has been an irreplaceable asset to our business.

Tyler, Rising Point

The system is highly customizable for a cloud based solution, and is the first dialer I've used that had webhooks integration which is very valuable for our company.

Brett, Automated Business Results

Best customer support. Always available and willing to help for as long as needed! Amazing robust product for a better price than similar products.

Richard, Millenium Connect

Following implementation, 3CLogic has continued to work with us to develop additional capabilities and automation. Their customer support is fast, knowledgeable, and effective. We look forward to continuing to develop our capabilities as a call center using 3CLogic.

Mathew, Imperial Structured Settlements

Alliance and Associates has been using 3CLogic for over 5 months now. The incredible support and sales staff from James to Derek have been great. Their software has increased our leads, conversions and sales over 15%. The software in general is very easy to use and operate. The functionality of everything and what you can do is incredible. The reporting interface is clean and simple and the system integrates with our sales manager system through an api. There was no problem setting up anything. The training was great and we have no issues at all.

Todd, Alliance and Assoc.

We tried various solutions before deciding to put our mission critical call center applications If it is down I am losing money by the hour as we are on Pay for Performance contracts) on 3CLogic. The primary reason is reliability of service and second reason is the ease of integration with third-party CRM systems. You should try it.

Robert, Salesforce Integration Client

We were searching for a new dialer system since our current on premise dialer was out of service. We needed to find something that would not be outdated within a couple of years and hopefully would save the company some money at the same time. We looked at several cloud based and on premise solutions, but none of them met our needs until we found 3CLogic. The team from 3CLogic did everything that they could to make sure that they would be the perfect solution for our business. We did an online demo that allowed us to get a good idea of what they could provide. They allowed us to test their software for a period of time before making a permanent decision and they came on site and did training with our team.

The sales and service team at 3CLogic has been extremely helpful and easy to work with, making the transition from our old system to the 3CLogic system very easy on our team. It was important to us that this transition be as seamless as possible, losing calls costs us a lot of money.

The only downside to 3CLogic is that there is not really a "training manual" for their system, but if one has questions it is easy to reach out to someone to get help and their response is very fast. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely choose 3CLogic. I would highly recommend 3CLogic to any business that is looking for a dialer solution.

The software has been really easy to use and learn. There have been a few things that took some time to figure out, but the 3C team has been extremely helpful.

Al Garrison

3C has been very responsive, patient, and helful with all of our call center needs. It is easy to get in touch with them, there follow up is amazing, and I look forward in doing business with 3C.

Derrick Loyal