What We Built in 8 Hours for ServiceNow's Hackathon - and Won!

Check out the recorded interview with ServiceNow and Team Vocalize as they demo their winning app    

Discover what went into building the amazing app Team Vocalize constructed in just 8 hours to win the Knowledge18 ServiceNow Hackathon. Listen as Chuck Tomasi, Guillaume Seynhave and Rahul Molhatra cover the key components of the 3CLogic integration with ServiceNow that, some day SOON, you'll be able to integrate sentiment analysis for your contact center.

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How to Build a Natively Integrated Call Center

Presented by Abid Hoque, 3CLogic's Senior Product Manager and Implementation Specialist 

Join us for a live demonstration and technical discussion of how to build a unified agent and administrative command center for your customer service team all within ServiceNow. In just 30 minutes learn how to resolve incidents faster and boost customer loyalty, driving successful customer service initiatives without leaving your ServiceNow platform.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Multichannel Customer Care

Join 3CLogic and PIPL for our free on-demand webinar, as we explore the following:

In today’s digital age, customers are contacting businesses from a variety of different touch points—phone, email, text, chat, Facebook, Twitter—and they expect to be delighted with exceptional service on each. But how can an organization deliver exceptional service if inquiries aren’t directed to the appropriate individual, and agents aren’t able to identify customers across various channels? The reality is, they can’t, at least not in a scalable and sustainable manner.

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Leveraging ServiceNow CTI for Customer Service and Support

Join us for this Webinar as we explore the following

ServiceNow is the lifeblood of your organization, managing the workflows and customer relationships your organization relies on to perform effectively. But is your business leveraging your ServiceNow’s powerful information in customer facing environments, such as the help desk or call center? More often than not, the answer is no. But by integrating ServiceNow with a communication platform or CTI, uncover the hidden potential and value of your data.

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5 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction Scores In Your Help Center

Presented by Guillaume Seynhaeve - VP Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at 3CLogic

Customer experience is quickly becoming a business’ next competitive battleground, expected to overtake price and product as a brand’s key differentiator by the year 2020. And as consumers become more informed and empowered, and alternative touch points continue to emerge, their expectations are only anticipated to grow even larger. But while 80% of businesses believe they are delivering a superior customer experience, only 8% of consumers agree, resulting in lost sales and reduced customer loyalty—where is the disconnect?

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Top 6 Communication Trends Impacting Contact Centers in 2016

Join us for this Webinar as we explore the following

The contact center space has undergone a long overdue and rapid list of changes over recent years, and the momentum is not expected to slow down as 2016 unfolds. From SaaS integration, to cloud adoption and the expansion of digital channels, there are a number of communication trends confronting the industry that every contact center should be aware of in order to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations in 2016.

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You May Not Know it but Your CRM is Begging for This

Join us for this Webinar as we explore the following

3CLogic will be joining forces with CRM consultant and integrator, Epicom, in a collaborative webinar to discuss the benefits and shortfalls of CRM platforms, the negative impacts of utilizing disparate telephony and database management solutions, and value businesses can obtain by aligning their CRM with their communications platform to provide the “human touch point” they’re missing.

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Transforming Customer Service

With SugarCRM and Contact Center Software

While 80% of companies want to use customer service as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, and 80% think that they deliver superior customer service, only 8% of customers agree. And with companies such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and Starbucks setting the new standard for customer service, how can companies bridge the gap, and deliver customers the experience they have come to expect?

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3 Pronged Approach to Customer Journey Mapping

Marketing Automation + CRM + Multichannel Communication

By 2020, customer service is expected to overtake price and product as a brand’s key differentiator. And according to Gartner, 89% of businesses plan to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience by next year. But to deliver on customer needs and expectations in 2015, businesses need to do more than simply market, sell, and service their product offerings—they need to map the customer journey from start to finish to gain a holistic view of every customer.

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What is WebRTC?

4 Ways it Will Change the Contact Center Industry

As a contact center professional, you are starting to hear about WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications). Market factors driving this progress include the continuing need of consumers to find easier, more effective ways to communicate with businesses. In fact, 6 Billion WebRTC supporting devices are expected to exist by 2019.

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The Omni-Channel Customer Experience:

3 Ways to Successfully Incorporate Social Media into your Customer Service Initiatives

The emergence of social media over the past decade has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers and their approach to marketing and sales. However, its success in supporting customer service initiatives has to-date been inconsistent at best.

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TCPA Compliance

3 Steps to Successfully Navigating TCPA Compliance in 2015

The predictive dialer has undoubtedly revolutionized the way businesses and contact centers sell and market their products and services. But consumers have increasingly grown to dislike telemarketing calls, resulting in new TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations and guidelines restricting the use of ATDS systems to only those individuals who have given Express Prior Consent (EPC).

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6 Ways to Enhance Your Contact Center and Customer Satisfaction in 2015

Presented by Raj Sharma, President and COO at 3CLogic, and Rodney Kuhn, Founder & CEO at Envision

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator with approximately 80% of executives expecting contact centers to play a key role in defining it. But, while the majority of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service, only 8% of customers agree. So where is the disconnect, and how can contact centers bridge the gap?

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The Contact Center World is Changing

3 Ways to Plan Strategically

As contact centers look to adjust to the increasing demands of customers and the various ways in which they choose to communicate, the need for a modernized approach has never been greater.

The contact center world is changing with advances in technology, rise in multichannel communication, and the push to cloud. So how does a company respond? What is the potential impact on productivity? How do you manage the risk new technology brings to the fray? And how can you ensure your profits or costs are not adversely affected?

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