We found 3CLogic to be the ideal partner to help us move our Customer Care Center (CCC) from functional to operationally sound. The development process, which was more complicated for us as we required several specific integrations with the ServiceNow CSM, went smoothly and hit every deadline as promised. Within a week of go live the CCC leadership made scheduling adjustments based on the data and has been consistently running 90+% service levels with an ASA of less than 15 seconds. Something that would not have been possible before. We already have plans to expand our use of the CSM by integrating as much of our customers written communication though the application. In addition, the updates to the 3CLogic reporting scheduled in 2019 offer even more cost saving opportunities. In short, we're very pleased with the result and look forward to future benefits as we plan to double the size of our company in the coming years.

This project started as a result of Suffolk University centralizing the Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar's offices to a one stop RAM Registration and Financial Center for students, parents and prospects seeking assistance and support.

Suffolk has being using the ServiceNow application for the IT service desk as a ticketing system. The requirements for the RAM Registration and Financial Center was to use the ServiceNow CSM ticketing system with a solution for IP telephony that can be integrated together. 3CLogic was selected as it had all the features needed for a Call Center IVR and integration with ServiceNow CSM.

The implementation of 3CLogic for the Suffolk University Ram Registration and Financial Center provided a customizable IVR workflow to better service our students and parents. Now students and parents have the option to speak to an agent or request a call back if they do not want to wait in the call queue. This will provide a better user experience for both the student and parent. The integration of 3CLogic with ServiceNow provides an automatic caller recognition based on the Caller's telephone number. This allows the caller contact information to be presented to the agent which can be used to create a case and automatically populating the required fields in the ticket. The agent can then focus on documenting the case.

The 3CLogic team was focused on our project from requirements to delivery of the final integrated solution into production. The project team was very responsive holding weekly project status meetings and coordinating the integration schedule with ServiceNow. Training was provided as each phase of the integration was completed so that user stories scenarios can be tested.

The creation of a development and test environments for ServiceNow CSM and integration with 3CLogic made it easy for unit testing and user acceptance testing to be performed with no impact to production. These test beds made it easy for both development and test to do regression testing independent of production

As an MSP looking for a replacement for our current Call Center application, we selected and implemented 3CLogic for a client engagement based on its ability to integrate with ServiceNow and queue calls, chat, and email in an integrated client. We have been encouraged by the results. Implementation and management of IVRs is significantly less complicated than other products we have worked with, and the configuration of the softphone client is intuitive and straightforward. The ability to link calls to ServiceNow tickets and ticket history is invaluable for our technicians. The reporting is more flexible than other products we have worked with, although field mapping documentation was not as comprehensive as we would have hoped. Our specific needs regarding multi-level SLA and KPI thresholds were not met out of the box, but the 3CLogic staff were able to make this available to us. Also, while we would prefer more flexibility in access control to subsections of a queue structure, this can be mitigated by a slightly more complex queue structure. We are currently within 90 days of our implementation with this client, and the integration and ease of management have made 3CLogic an asset to our Call Center operation.

Great product, the integration with Service Now means I can easily run and schedule reports and techs can quickly see the calls they have taken, all in one place. The professional services support was excellent, they were with me every step of the way. I was up in running with an ACD in a matter of weeks

My review on 3CLogic as a client:

  • Provide excellent support.
  • Take ownership and accountabilities and provide satisfactory support before and after sales.
  • A group of great team players who understand client's requirements and work to the success of client's needs.

As North America's largest publisher of monthly real estate magazines, we were looking for a solution to help us significantly improve the efficiency and ROI of our internal Call/Sales Center.

We chose 3CLogic as our Call Center solution and EASILY combined their software with InfusionSoft, our chosen CRM solution. And, the results were phenomenal.

To date, operator efficiency has grown by more than 400 percent and sales in the first 8 months of usage topped $730M.

I'm an experienced workforce and call routing manager familiar with Genesys, Avaya, and VOIP systems. 3CLogic is very user-friendly and easy to comprehend. I would imagine someone with no experience at all could get a very basic call routing up and running within a single day! I've been impressed with the IVR functionality.

For those familiar with IVR's 3CLogic has an interface that allows users to make many of the changes that used to take days in previous platforms, in minutes. The customer service is very good. The technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. I would highly recommend taking a look at this product for any size Call Center.

We had made a transition from another cloud Call Center application, and have not looked back. This platform offers on-the-fly functionality to manage your lead database and perform successful outbound calling campaigns! The robustness of the reporting is incredibly easy to use. If you like the way salesforce reporting works (I do) you will love this! Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my Call Center is key, and 3CLogic gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!

We have been very impressed with the customization that 3CLogic provides and the customer service available. They have answered all questions we have and are quick to respond to any problems that arise. The dialing system itself is reliable and keeps our telemarketers on the phones for the whole day, which is more than could be said about SalesDialers. Overall we are very pleased and would recommend switching to this system if you haven't already.

Following implementation, 3CLogic has continued to work with us to develop additional capabilities and automation. Their customer support is fast, knowledgeable, and effective. We look forward to continuing to develop our capabilities as a Call Center using 3CLogic.