Get in front of more leads and prospects, faster, while enhancing the quality and success of every interaction.


Reach Leads Faster and with Greater Efficiency

  • Enhance Lead-to-Call: Quickly and efficiently respond to leads and prospects from any source while they are hot, and enhance the likelihood of a successful close.
  • Contact Clients with a “Click”: Turn each stored contact within your CRM or database management solution into convenient click-to-call buttons, allowing users to quickly reach leads, prospects, and customers.
  • Automate Outbound Lead Generation Efforts: Automatically contact prospects while users are finishing up a call using predictive dialing capabilities to increase agent talk time and overall productivity.

Power Engagements with Customer Data

  • Screen-Pop CRM Records: Populate agent screens with each customer’s records and previous interactions upon every outgoing or incoming call for more knowledgeable and relevant engagements.
  • Track All Communications: Automatically store records, transcripts, notes, and recordings for every customer interaction in your CRM or database management solution for future use or reference.
  • Follow-up and Nurture: By simply selecting a disposition highlighting the result of an interaction, automatically place customers in designated campaigns or workflows to trigger any necessary follow-up steps while nurturing them through the sales funnel with ease.

Manage Your Team More Effectively

  • Guide Agents with Ease: Populate agent screens with dynamic scripts catered to each campaign or prospect, facilitating compliance with company and industry protocol while enhancing users’ ability to sell and market product offerings.
  • Virtually Monitor and Assist: Silently monitor all customer interactions, whisper suggestions to agents without the customer hearing, or take over the conversation when necessary.
  • Supervise From a Single Dashboard: Gain real-time insight into all agent activities, including who is logged in, away, on a call, wrapping up a call, and more, to keep tabs on all call center needs and requirements.

Make Insightful Decisions

  • Generate Customizable Reports: Easily build customized reports, graphs, and KPIs highlighting the metrics most important to your organization, and schedule reports to automatically be sent to key management staff.
  • Get Customer Feedback: Automatically direct customers to an IVR survey once an interaction is complete, enabling your organization to collect valuable information about each client’s overall experience

Increase Contact Rates:

Contact Clients Using Local Presence: Automatically contact leads and prospects from their own area code using local presence dialing increase answer rates by up to 400%.
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