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Streamlining the service desk: How Solugenix reduced cost and complexity with ServiceNow® voice workflows

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A significant amount of manual work and limited reporting capabilities held back the service desk.
Enhance existing ServiceNow investment with voice self-service, smart routing, and automated processes.

Company Quote

The advanced reporting and analytics capabilities of 3CLogic for ServiceNow have made an incredible impact.

Tessa Rocha
Director of Solutions Consulting

Meet IT service Ccompany Solugenix

As the first company to specialize in software development and services, Solugenix has established a reputation for providing exceptional IT services to leading corporations across the globe. Over the course of more than half a century, the organization has established a customer-centric mindset that supports strategic growth and drives innovation.

Solugenix’s service desk has used ServiceNow for years to provide customer support. Such an essential department needs effective tools to swiftly and satisfactorily resolve issues.

“Solugenix is really a partner that helps people not recreate the wheel but use what’s out there in the industry and leverage it  the best way they can”

Obstacles Solugenix faced without integrated voice solutions for ServiceNow

Over time, Solugenix’s service desk found it was held back by systems that required a significant amount of manual work and offered only limited reporting capabilities.

Top challenges

Siloed digital channels:

Disconnected tools and channels prevented control of internal data and reporting.

Inflexible telephony system:

Existing on-premise telephony system was very difficult to scale and didn’t integrate with ServiceNow.

Stagnated growth:

Legacy technology required manual processes that hindered improvements.

Dependency on third-party administrators

Reliance on external CSAT processes limited Solugenix’s initiatives.

The value of integrating voice workflows with ServiceNow

Still, while agents were able to get by navigating back and forth between disparate systems, it was inefficient and burdensome for customers and employees alike. Processes had become far too manual, costing the organization both time and money.

It was time for a better solution, and Solugenix selected 3CLogic’s voice solutions to enhance their existing ServiceNow investment. Thanks to features such as voice self-service, intelligent call routing, and automated case creation within ServiceNow, they were able to create a seamless, end-to-end employee and customer experience.

Benefits of Implementing 3CLogic with ServiceNow

Enhanced reporting processes:

Allowed for seamless gathering of customer data from both phone & case interactions; customizable dashboards for franchisees.

Enabled modern CX solutions:

Achieved convenient and efficient customer experience with in-platform SMS, voice self-service, and intelligent call routing.

Reduction in manual processes:

Automated workflows empowered supervisors to take meaningful action in real-time.

Native integration with ServiceNow:

Automated CSAT, in-house telephony processes, and internal reporting all within a single system of record.

The impact of leveraging voice workflows for ServiceNow

After implementing 3CLogic’s voice solutions, the benefits played out in very tangible ways. Everything from talk time to automation improved. 

The results 
  • 6,000-minute reduction in talk time per month
  • 20% of password reset requests redirected via SMS
  • 78% reduction in vendor escalation response time with ticket automation
  • 4 minutes saved per incident
  • 45,000 emails eliminated due to instance integration with client & other vendors

Key advantages of implementing 3CLogic

Thanks to tools such as voice self-service and intelligent call routing, Solugenix has been able to streamline operations to save 6,000 minutes of talk time per month.

The organization was also able to redirect 20% of password reset requests using SMS and leverage automated ticket creation to reduce vendor escalation response time by 78%. 

Additionally, 3CLogic’s SMS solution has enabled automated SMS surveys that have resulted in an increase in CSAT responses.

Now that their systems are fully integrated, Solugenix is no longer held back by manual processes. In fact, the organization reduced its email load by 45,000 within the first 12 months. 

And because agents are able to access everything they need from within the case rather than navigating back and forth between different screens, they’re able to save an average of 4 minutes per incident.

Having one omnichannel workspace also ensures that supervisors know exactly what agents are doing across every channel of engagement —  and they can proactively intervene if needed.

“Our managers used to export large chunks of raw data from the old system and crunch it in Excel. By the time they were done, the situation had already changed. The advanced reporting and analytics capabilities of 3CLogic for ServiceNow have made an incredible impact — they offer insights that allow for proactive interventions as issues are identified.”

Preparing for what’s next with 3CLogic & ServiceNow

The initial results with 3CLogic’s voice solutions for ServiceNow have prompted Solugenix to make additional enhancements to their automation, self-service, and AI capabilities. The organization also looks forward to leveraging 3CLogic’s two-way SMS to streamline customer conversations. 

“We are excited to leverage 2-way SMS for ServiceNow from 3CLogic to enable customers to interact with live agents. Texting is increasingly popular because of its convenience – many of our customers need assistance on the go.”

Furthermore, Solugenix plans to optimize analytics functions with ServiceNow Workforce Optimization, 3CLogic Automated Call Transcription, and 3CLogic Voice Sentiment Analysis — a feature that will help to automate and scale the QA process. They’re truly just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible with 3CLogic and ServiceNow.

Drive meaningful cost savings for your service desk

Eager to discover the efficiency-driving power of 3CLogic for ServiceNow? Contact us to start the conversation — you can even get a free demo to see 3CLogic in action.

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