How Nissan streamlined global HR operations with ServiceNow® & 3CLogic

Tedious reporting, lack of voice self-service, and siloed platform environments led to inefficient employee services.
Integration of 3CLogic’s AI and voice capabilities to enhance existing ServiceNow Employee Workflows.

Company Quote

3CLogic will reduce the agent time required to service each customer interaction while improving the overall quality of that interaction.

Raju Vijay
VP Global People Services

Key Metrics

Average hold time has been reduced by 82% and their call abandonment rate has reduced by 81%.

Meet global automotive manufacturer Nissan

As one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, Nissan Motor Corporation has been creating quality cars for more than 100 years. Now a Global 2000 Company, Nissan has 32 major manufacturing facilities in 17 countries, and employs more than 131,000 people around the world.  

“We are a global operation in the truest sense of the word. In terms of employee experience, our main focus is on meeting employees where they want to be met.”

Nissan Global People Services (GPS) provides critical HR support to employees worldwide. After adopting ServiceNow, it began to look for ways to increase positive employee service interactions and create the best work environment possible for employees.

Obstacles Nissan’s global people services faced without integrated voice solutions for ServiceNow

In order to better serve employees, Nissan GPS adopted ServiceNow in 2018. To fulfill a critical part of their internal Ambition 2030 goals,  Nissan GPS needed a way to further enhance the employee experiences by tailoring their HR service system to their non-traditional workforce across the globe. 

Top challenges

Global, non-traditional workforce:

70% of Nissan’s 131,000+ employees are direct workers on manufacturing floors who need custom service options, and use phone as a primary communication method

Limited Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities:

Without streamlined IVR, employees faced long phone wait times — impacting employee and agent experiences. 

Lack of voice-enabled self-service options:

Nissan’s direct workers have non-uniform schedules with limited call availability, but had to wait on the phone to solve common problems.

Siloed contact channels:

Siloed channels lacked personalization options and didn’t meet employee needs.

Tedious manual reporting:

Reporting of daily HR operations was labor-intensive and hindered department’s ability to collect and analyze insights.

The value of integrating a voice solution with ServiceNow employee workflows

Nissan’s HR agents were able to provide better service for employees after adopting ServiceNow, but, because of the unique needs of Nissan’s direct workers, a one-size-fits-all approach would not suffice. They needed a better way to personalize the employee experience.

To address this, Nissan chose 3CLogic’s voice integration to enhance their ServiceNow Employee Workflows. 3CLogic worked closely with the GPS team to configure its cloud contact center solution to optimize the communication and engagement layer of the employee experience.

Thanks to features such as voice-based self-service, the interactive voice response workflow designer, and an AI-powered analytics integration all within ServiceNow, they were able to create globally consistent HR operations and improve employee service outcomes.

Benefits of implementing 3CLogic with ServiceNow employee workflows

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) workflows:

Intelligent call routing quickly connects employees to the most qualified HR agent, while the IVR conversation designer allows HR administrators to easily create new  Intelligent Voice Workflows in-house.

Voice-based self-service:

Self-service streamlines resolution of common inquiries, reduces wait times, and allows employees to self authenticate based on pre-existing information.

AI-powered analytics & real-time reporting:

Advanced speech transcription & sentiment analysis, IVR analytics, and granular call and operations reporting help Nissan GPS identify pain points and greatly improve agent coaching and training.

Native integration with ServiceNow:

A native ServiceNow integration allows for automation of manual tasks, call and message transcriptions,  and immediate access to employee & case overviews.

The impact of leveraging voice workflows for ServiceNow

Nissan GPS recently implemented 3CLogic’s voice solution and has seen numerous benefits both to internal HR operations and their employee experience. 

The impact of 3CLogic & ServiceNow for Nissan
  • Average call hold time has reduced by 82%, allowing employees to reach an agent and solve their issue much faster
  • Call abandonment rate has reduced by 81%, meaning employee calls are being successfully routed and resolved
  • 3CLogic’s ServiceNow integration allows for an elevated employee experience, both for Nissan HR agents and the employees they serve
  • Streamlined IVR workflows and voice self-service will create more pleasant, productive service experiences, and allow employees to spend less time on  the phone
  • A specifically tailored solution for direct workers will fix problems associated with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to HR service, allowing direct  workers to receive HR service when it works for them
  • 3CLogic’s voice workflows have saved a significant number of productivity and operations hours, both for employees and Nissan GPS HR agents

Key advantages of implementing 3CLogic

Thanks to tools such as voice self-service, intelligent call routing, and natively integrated analytics and reporting capabilities, Nissan has already seen improvements in HR operations, and has been able to establish globally consistent employee experiences for its workforce of more than 131,000 employees.

3CLogic’s streamlined IVR workflows and integrated IVR designer have saved significant operational hours for Nissan GPS – allowing for a complete restructuring of their IVR tree to resolve employee queries or route them to the proper agents in no more than three inputs from a caller. As a result, average hold time has been reduced by 82% and their call abandonment rate has reduced by 81%.

3CLogic worked closely with the Nissan GPS team to understand the unique problems faced by Nissan GPS and by the direct workers they serve. Through a collaborative effort, 3CLogic was able to produce, implement, and maintain a tailored voice ServiceNow integration that met the needs of both Nissan GPS and Nissan employees worldwide.

3CLogics analytics integration with ServiceNow and voice self-service capabilities resolved many common employee requests independently without the help of an agent, allowing them to focus on more complicated employee issues and further enhancements to the employee experience.

“Seamless integration was important. 3CLogic came out of the box. It worked – it was perfect. I was able to get things moving and the deployment was smooth. Partnering with 3CLogic, I know that the integration is going to be managed, maintained, and continuously evolve as new features come in.”

Preparing for what’s Next with 3CLogic & ServiceNow

The initial results with 3CLogic’s voice solutions for ServiceNow have Nissan GPS excited for what the future holds for their employee experience. A core element of their Ambition 2030 goals is to create the best possible work environment for their global workforce, and Nissan anticipates 3CLogic and ServiceNow will continue to play a key role in their success.

“3CLogic will reduce the agent time required to service each customer interaction while improving the overall quality of that interaction. Insights from interaction quality and feedback will be input to support our continuous improvement cycle.

By working to mold its cloud contact center solution for Nissan’s unique needs and use-cases, 3CLogic remains dedicated to continuously improving their ServiceNow integration for Nissan, and looks forward to adding new capabilities to meet the needs of HR agents and employees alike.

Enhance your employee experience with a voice solution for your HR Service Desk

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