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Transforming citizen services: How the State of Delaware achieved incredible efficiency with voice workflows for ServiceNow®.

State of Delaware
State of Delaware
Government/Public Sector
188% increase in call volume while relying on a decentralized call center and manual tasks handling.
Voice workflows in ServiceNow to enable voice self-service, smart routing, automation, and data consolidation.

Company Quote

We had to look for ways to use technology smarter to help us address this volume. That’s where the 3CLogic-ServiceNow solution really came in to help us address this business issue.

Darryl Scott
Director of Division of Unemployment Insurance, Delaware Department of Labor

Meet the Delaware Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance

Responsible for connecting workers with benefits to protect their financial well-being, the Division of Unemployment Insurance at the Delaware Department of Labor serves a vital role for citizens across the state. Not only does the Division help unemployed people gain access to needed financial support, it also provides assistance for those affected by insurance-related fraud.

“We’re a mission-driven organization. We’re here to provide financial assistance to those who are unemployed due to no fault of their own.”

Knowing the time had come for the public sector to begin its digital transformation, the Delaware Department of Labor had recently adopted ServiceNow Customer Workflows to establish a more consolidated technology ecosystem and improve employees’ ability to serve citizens.

Challenges the State of Delaware faced without integrated voice workflows for ServiceNow

With a small team of service agents, Delaware’s Division of Unemployment Insurance was traditionally handling about 115,000 calls per year. When that volume skyrocketed to 190,000 calls in a single month during 2020, budding issues with disparate systems and manual work became glaringly apparent.

The massive spike in call volume led to long wait times and even longer resolution times. Many callers could not even reach an agent, instead leaving voicemails, each of which had to be manually transcribed into ServiceNow before being assigned to an agent. Citizens looking for help at a critical moment could not be served in a timely manner, leading to an overall poor quality citizen experience.

Top challenges

Siloed systems:

Disparate platforms dragged down operational efficiency and didn’t allow for a unified view of the customer

Outdated telephony platform:

Decentralized call center services that didn’t integrate with ServiceNow led to significant backlogs

Lack of automation:

Need for performing manual tasks and switching between tools negatively impacted performance metrics

Massive volume increases:

188% increase in call volume meant meeting citizen needs was impossible without additional resources

The power of integrated voice workflows for ServiceNow

Facing a historic rise in call volume, the Delaware Department of Labor soon realized that their inflexible, legacy telephony system was incapable of keeping up with demand. Data was too hard to navigate and citizen experiences began to deteriorate as agents were tasked with increasing amounts of manual work.

The State of Delaware’s Division of Unemployment Insurance selected 3CLogic’s voice workflows to integrate with their existing ServiceNow instance. With access to capabilities like task automation, voice self-service, intelligent call routing, and data consolidation, they were able to streamline operations while improving their ability to effectively serve citizens.

Benefits of 3CLogic & ServiceNow

Unified workspace

Native integration with ServiceNow consolidated multiple systems into one centralized source of truth for agents and admins

Reduction in manual tasks

Automated workflows, such as call transcription and case creation, minimized tedious tasks for employees

Enabled flexibility and personalization

Intelligent call routing enabled agents to create advanced workflows based on ServiceNow data and get real-time view of citizens’ information, ultimately improving the citizen experience

Improved service quality

Internal teams were empowered with the right tools to reduce operational costs while delivering exceptional citizen experiences

The tangible value of using voice workflows for ServiceNow

Once the State of Delaware deployed 3CLogic’s ServiceNow-centric voice workflows, it wasn’t long before they began seeing dramatic improvements. They became more efficient and also improved performance metrics

The results
  • 650+ hours saved in manual work within the first six months.
  • 83% reduction in inbound citizen call handle time.
  • 6x increase in the service center’s daily call volume capacity.

Significant impact of implementing 3CLogic

Prior to 2020, a typical year involved managing 32,000 claims, more than $65 million in benefits, and up to 125,000 calls. The last two years combined required handling 350,000 claims, $1.5 billion in claims, and more than 1.4 million calls. This simply would not have been feasible without 3CLogic’s integrated voice workflows for ServiceNow.

Just six months after deploying 3CLogic’s solution, the Delaware Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance was able to save more than 650 hours in manual work. Agents can now rest assured knowing that automation is taking care of many manual tasks they were once responsible for completing.

With voice workflows fully integrated, the Division has also reduced their inbound call handle time by 83%, meaning a better experience for citizens. Efficiency has improved so much that the service center was able to increase call volume capacity by 6X.

On top of getting through an inarguably difficult few years, the State of Delaware is now poised to better manage regular seasonal fluctuations.

“We had to look for ways to use technology smarter to help us address this volume. That’s where the 3CLogic-ServiceNow solution really came in to help us address this business issue.”

What’s next with 3CLogic & ServiceNow?

Seeing how dramatically 3CLogic’s voice workflows for ServiceNow improved the citizen experience within the Division of Unemployment Insurance, the Delaware Department of Labor is now looking to expand use of the platform to other functions, such as the Benefit Payment Control Unit.

“With regard to 3CLogic, we’re specifically looking to expand its utilization in a traditional fraud team. That’s a group that generates notices, phone calls, and customer contacts. With the use of ServiceNow, it’s a logical extension of the platform so we can streamline those customer interactions.”

Additionally, the Division of Unemployment Insurance looks forward to continuously improving the quality of the service they provide. Through voice-enabled self-service, call deflection, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, they plan to provide a truly optimized experience.

Streamline operational efficiencies for your agency

If you’re eager to see what’s possible with 3CLogic’s voice workflows for ServiceNow, contact us to start the conversation. You can even get a free demo to see these new workflows in action.

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