Improve lead gen and conversions for your sales & marketing.

Gain priceless visibility into your buyer's journey.

Unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and visibility into the buyer’s journey to routinely reach revenue objectives with 3CLogic's cloud Contact Center solution for Sales & Marketing.

Prospecting Results

Improve Your Prospecting Results

Optimize your Contact Center agent’s ability to connect with more prospects, faster and with better results leveraging 3CLogic's multiple dialing modes including Power, Predictive, Preview, Progressive.
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Optimize Rep Efficiency

Sales Representatives would rather spend time talking to customers than juggling multiple systems to manage calls and manually log lead data. Give your agents the ability to work from a single pane of glass by integrating 3CLogic with your CRM.
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Boost Productivity

Give your Sales & Marketing representatives the possibility to handle calls right from their CRM, access all relevant information in real-time from a single screen, and automatically keep records up to date.
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Turn Conversational Insights into Action

How did a phone conversation really go between a sales representative and a prospect? Reliance on agent notes (assuming they entered any) may not provide the full story. 3CLogic’s Speech Analytics tool gives the ability to rate a conversation and apply sentiment scoring in near-real time to derive actionable data and proactively assess overall sales performance.
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Optimize Lead Gen with Analytical Insights

3CLogic gives you the most advanced reporting capabilities, making it possible to evaluate every aspect of your Inside Sales performance and adjust accordingly.
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Elevate Your Sales & Marketing to the Cloud!

Although 3CLogic is an AWS-hosted solution we understand every business has unique requirements when it comes to migrating to the cloud.

That’s why we offer a variety of deployment options, from Total Cloud to Hybrid, or even a simple connector between your CRM and a legacy on-premise telephony infrastructure.

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