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The cloud Contact Center platform for successful enterprise businesses.

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Our Story

3CLogic was founded with the vision that enterprises need greater flexibility to manage their customer and employee relationships. As a very early adopter of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a hosting platform for its cloud services, 3CLogic was a visionary for recognizing the benefits of flexibility, reliability, security and scalability. With the explosion of enterprises turning to the cloud, 3CLogic’s unique solution is excelling in helping organizations deliver superior customer experience via Voice (VoIP, IVR) and other telephony channels, such as SMS, while reaping those valuable benefits.

Now, with deployments across four continents and a growing client portfolio of Global 2000 companies spanning various industries including finance, healthcare, communication/media, retail, higher-ed, manufacturing, local and Federal agencies, 3CLogic is recognized as a global CCaaS leader.

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Our People

Our employees encourage each other to do well and recognize every opportunity as a learning experience, whether its directly with a customer or running a project or operation behind the scenes. We work hard and smart, but more importantly, we work as a unit.

This "can-do” attitude is often mentioned by our customers, as 3CLogic employees are always willing to go to any lengths for the sake of our customers, whether it’s doing upgrades on weekends, staying on bridges at odd hours to service foreign clients, and more.

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Our Culture

What makes this a great workplace is the lack of office politics and the abundance of team spirit. The flexibility we offer in our product is carried over into our workplace.

We cultivate a stress-free environment that enables employees to do their work and have time to take care of their life responsibilities without fear or pressure, offering work-from-home options and flexible personal time.

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Why Choose 3CLogic?

As part of their digital transformation, businesses are attempting to reduce the number of platforms and software solutions they depend on.  This makes our deep integration with their chosen platform very valuable.

3CLogic flexible deployment options (from 100% cloud to hybrid to a simple connector) also gives them the ability to move their CC to the cloud at their own pace.

Finally, 3CLogic systematic posting of all customer interaction data in the CRM makes the mining of this “dark data” possible, enhancing the power of AI and Machine Learning engine, creating new insights and triggering actionable outcomes and workflows.  

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