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A 3CLogic, we support higher education and non-profits and want to help get your contact center get started with 5 free licenses. Just our way of saying thank you for everything you do.

3CL Foundation

Regardless of the cause, fundraising is a tough business, as is maintaining alumni relations, student recruiting efforts, and collecting tuition payments. Your time is valuable and always seems in short supply. So how can you ensure maximum productivity?

Whether you represent Higher Education or work for a non-profit organization, at 3CLogic we recognize the importance your contact center plays in your daily outreach efforts. Take your future campaigns to the cloud and enjoy our fully-redundant, reliable, and cost-effective contact solutions. You work hard enough, so let us lend you a hand.


How do you benefit?

Cost Savings

Because 3CLogic’s Software solution is cloud-based, you will enjoy huge savings and increased productivity compared to traditional systems.


Our Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG) ensures no outages, so that your staff, donors, and/or volunteers can always reach you and you can always reach them.

CRM Integration

Our software solution can be customized to integrate with any existing CRM software, so your contact database is easily and quickly accessible always.


We train your agents to use our software, while offering 24/7 US-based Technical Support and Customer Server. If you need us, we’re here!


Every company values security, so why trust all your data, media, and private information to a third party? When you use 3CLogic, your data stays between you and your customers.

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