3CLogic's Auto Dialing Software

Run your campaigns with lightning speed.

Improve connection rates, agent talk-time, and general agent efficiency with 3CLogic’s various auto dialing solutions, including Power, Predictive, Preview and Progressive. Leverage the mode that fits your outbound sales initiatives or campaign goals best, with added features such as local presence dialing, to extend your prospecting reach while converting them faster.

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3CLogic Predictive Dialer

Maximize agent talk time, using statistical algorithms, to simultaneously predict and pre-dial multiple leads to minimize the time spent between each agent outreach and improve overall productivity.
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3CLogic Power Dialer

Manually set and adjust your ideal calls-to-agent ratio to quickly process large lead lists at a fixed rate that suits your team while increasing overall contacts rates.
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3CLogic Preview Dialer

Enable agents to preview lead information prior to the next auto-assigned call and manually determine when to initiate the call attempt, allowing them more prep-time while still enhancing total average contact rates.
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3CLogic Progressive Dialer

Automatically attempt and present live calls only when an agent is available, removing the opportunity for any outreach to go unanswered while still enhancing the outbound output of your team.
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Auto Dialer Benefits

 Optimize Agent Talk-Time
Always connect agents with live prospects by pre-filtering and automatically skipping answering machines, faxes, DNC listed contacts, and wrong numbers.

Improve Efficiency
Auto-populate agent screens with relevant CRM or account records to save time and improve the quality of each outbound attempt.

Boost Connection Rates
Leverage local presence dialing to dynamically adjust caller IDs and area codes to match that of the prospects and improve overall answer rates.

Automatically Update Your CRM
Auto-sync all call details, notes, recordings, and screen captures to your CRM to ensure client information is always up-to-date.

Personalize Your Dial Plan
Automatically contact leads through an alternate number if unreachable, assign agents to multiple campaigns, set call restrictions based on time, date, or client, configure dialing ratios, and much more.

Auto Dialer Features

  • CRM Integration
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Local Presence Dialing
  • Configurable Dialers
  • Unlimited Designated Lines
  • Flexible Dialing Modes
  • TCPA-Friendly Dialing Mode

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