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Compared to digital channels, phone calls have a unique layer of mystery about them. How can a manager truly know what goes on during a phone call if they aren’t present when they occur? Even with transcriptions, contact center supervisors simply don’t have the time or capacity to audit every phone interaction. In fact, only 1-2% of recorded voice calls are analyzed, leaving hundreds of thousands of minutes of data untouched. 

With 3CLogic’s Speech Analytics, you can finally demystify customer interactions. Gain full visibility into the “dark data” hidden in telephony and leverage artificial intelligence to deeply understand the customer experience, improve agent performance, and enrich your CRM or cloud-based service platform with relevant data.


Let Automated Call Transcription and Advanced AI Do The Heavy Lifting

With advanced speech-to-text technology, every call is automatically recorded, transcribed, and dissected. 3CLogic’s voice analytics offering, powered by Observe.AI, will crawl each transcription and identify key points of interest for you, so you can spend less time manually reviewing calls and more time drilling into KPIs to improve contact center performance.

Call Transcription

Customer Satisfaction


Step Into The Customer’s Shoes with Sentiment and Tone Assessment

Swiftly understand the customer experience with advanced voice sentiment analysis. Powered by Observe.AI, 3CLogic uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to capture, not only what customers and agents are saying, but how they are saying it. With data-rich Scorecards and Supervisory Dashboards, call center managers can proactively resolve escalated issues with a customer and empower their agents with actionable feedback.


Monitor Agent Performance From Anywhere

With 3CLogic Speech Analytics, contact center managers gain full visibility into agent performance. By drilling down into important KPIs, supervisors can monitor the quality of any phone call and give agents direct feedback – no matter where they’re working from. Advanced scorecards help supervisors identify stand-out agents as well as training opportunities for new representatives.

Agent Performance



Integrate Speech Analysis With Your CRM Data and Workflows

Because 3CLogic integrates with your cloud platform, such as ServiceNow, you can easily attach sentiment analysis data and call transcriptions to customer accounts. Using a single platform, managers can seamlessly track a customers’ experience and create automated workflows to add additional steps to the customer journey.


Continuously Improve Contact Center Health with Robust Analytics

In addition to Speech Analytics, 3CLogic offers comprehensive reporting and performance analytics for your entire contact center. Real-time dashboards and call metrics equip supervisors with actionable data to improve contact center health and agent performance. With IVR Analytics, easily map and analyze call flows from start to finish and pinpoint IVR bottlenecks and deflection points to improve call center workflows. 


3CLogic is the premier voice-enabling solution for cloud platforms

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their cloud service platforms and accelerate their digital transformation. Learn more about our integrations with ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

Why do clients love 3CLogic?

We replaced our legacy IVR system with 3CLogic, supporting over 26,000 employees. We specifically were looking for a tool that would provide integration with ServiceNow. Some of the key features we required were the ability to record calls and link to the ticket; ability to report almost in real-time with a dashboard that could be viewed by management; and the ability to change the IVR message quickly without intervention from other teams. 3CLogic has been a terrific partner — I would highly recommend them.
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