3CLogic Hybrid Cloud Call Center Software

Not rip and replace – Hybrid and happy.

Replacement of old legacy communication systems (ie: Cisco, Avaya, etc.) with new cloud solutions might not be a practical or realistic option for some organizations. With 3CLogic’s Hybrid Cloud deployment option, enjoy the immediate features, benefits and flexibility of a cloud Contact Center platform while leveraging your existing on-premise investment to fit to your cloud migration strategy and timeline.

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Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure

Preserve and leverage your underlying network, voice quality and connectivity to ensure consistent service to your end customers while extending or enhancing your on-premise features and capabilities.

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Empower Your Team

Give your sales, customer-facing support or internal Help Desk teams the power to independently control and manage their campaigns, customer journey (IVR), Skills-based Routing, and Self-Service options without the need to rely on other third-party resources.
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Deepen Reporting Insights

Easily access, customize, and schedule Call Center reports with 3CLogic’s analytics and business intelligence platform to monitor your team's activities, campaign performance, and other KPIs. Automatically sync data with other sources (ie: CRM, service management platform, etc.) via FTP or webhooks to drive a consolidated view of how each engagement is impacting your enterprise and business workflows as a whole.
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Keep Security Protocols Intact

Use the latest in microservices technology to deploy single services (IVR, Call Distribution, Automated Dialing, Reporting, etc.) and build useful business processes, integration flows, or user experiences behind your firewall without disrupting security protocols and policies.
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“If you are a seasoned Call Center manager, or new to the Call Center field with fairly complex integrations, have lots of agents and Call Center efficiency is key for survival, give a call to 3CLogic and see how easy they make your Call Center hum (or ring).”
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