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As a Contact Center Manager, you know that voice is a key part of the customer value chain. While digital channels like chat and email have modernized the customer service experience, customers still reach for the phone when an issue escalates in complexity or priority. With 3CLogic’s IVR Conversation Designer, managers gain full control over their contact center call flows to ensure that when customers do make the call, they’ll embark on an excellent customer journey.

What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone technology that collects information from incoming callers, whether by speech or keypad, to drive the desired outcome such as routing a call or resolving an issue. Simply put, IVR is used to design conversations between customers and agents.

Benefits and Features of IVR Conversation Designer


Improve Customer Experiences With Intelligent Call Routing

3CLogic IVR Conversation Designer leverages data from your organization’s CRM or cloud platform to intelligently direct callers to the most appropriate resolution or qualified agent. Equipped with relevant data, like customer information or outage notifications, 3CLogic’s advanced IVR software offers your callers an enjoyable personalized experience and sets your agents up for a successful interaction.

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Dynamic Workflows


Create Dynamic Voice Workflows

With 3CLogic’s intuitive drag-and-drop IVR interface, managers can easily design advanced and dynamic call flows directly within their CRM or cloud-based service platform. Use advanced IF-THEN functions to configure simple or complex routing rules. With text-to-speech technology and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), you can quickly create or update IVR prompts while customizable variables like voice and language selection allow you to tailor the customer experience.


Talk The Talk With Voice Technology

3CLogic offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to enable advanced conversational and lifelike voice workflows. Callers can easily describe the purpose of their call and navigate through the flow with responsive voice prompts to get the information they need.

Caller Intent



Scale With Self-Service Features

In addition to intelligently connecting callers to agents, the IVR Conversation Designer also improves self-service offerings. For simple tasks, such as password resets, customers can navigate the conversational IVR system to independently resolve issues, while more complex, high-touch customer interactions are expedited to live agents through streamlined call flows.



Continuously Improve Voice Workflows with IVR Analytics

Gain valuable insight into the efficiency of your call flows with 3CLogic’s robust IVR Analytics. Easily map and analyze the customer journey from start to finish and pinpoint IVR bottlenecks and deflection points in order to continuously improve call center workflows.


3CLogic is the premier voice-enabling solution for cloud platforms

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their cloud service platforms and accelerate their digital transformation. Learn more about our integrations with ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

Why do clients love 3CLogic?

I'm an experienced workforce and call routing manager familiar with Genesys, Avaya, and VOIP systems. 3CLogic is very user-friendly and easy to comprehend. I would imagine someone with no experience at all could get a very basic call routing up and running within a single day! I've been impressed with the IVR functionality. For those familiar with IVR's 3CLogic has an interface that allows users to make many of the changes that used to take days in previous platforms, in minutes.
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