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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Optimize IVR customer journeys for better service.

Without the right tools to efficiently handle incoming calls and client inquiries, responding to customer needs in a timely manner while making efficient use of your agent resources can be a challenge. With 3CLogic’s intuitive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) designer, easily create and manage custom call flows while leveraging external CRM data or business workflows for a truly client-centric experience able to solve issues faster, while freeing your agents to tackle higher-value or complex interactions. Give your customers an experience they can celebrate, not just tolerate.

Customer centricity with simplicity.

Lower Cost Per Interaction

Lower operational costs and optimize the use of your agent’s time with 3CLogic’s ability to gather client details upfront, verify their inquiry through deep integration with your primary system of record, and automatically route them to the most qualified representative while screen-popping the relevant CRM screen to help facilitate the engagement.

Build Flexible Call Flows

Create your ideal IVR call flows with a simple click, drag, and drop user interface.  Use advanced IF-THEN functions to configure simple or complex routing rules, or apply custom data-dips with your CRM or service management platform to design intelligent routing rules and outcomes.


Resolve Inquiries Faster

Intelligently route clients to the agent most qualified to address their needs based on predefined skills or known third-party data (ie: CRM or service management platform) to optimize first call resolution and agent performance.

Set Expectations on Demand

Easily record custom IVR prompts or leverage embedded Speech-to-text functionality to seamlessly make changes to the customer journey, quickly add real-time alerts and notifications, provide updated wait-times and queue positions, or offer virtual call-backs to reduce call abandonment and improve the overall customer experience.


Enable Self Service

Empower customers to service their own needs, such as checking the status of an order, canceling a transaction, or resetting a password with self-service IVR capabilities to allow agents to focus on customers who truly need that human touch.

Why do clients love 3CLogic?

Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my Call Center is key, and 3CLogic gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!
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