Resolve Issues Faster to Keep Your Business Humming

Employees expect IT support to solve their problems - immediately. When self-service and digital channels won’t cut it, 3CLogic’s voice communication platform provides the necessary escalation path to get the job done.

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Optimize Agent Efficiency

IT Support representatives would rather be solving problems and fixing issues than juggling multiple systems to manage calls and ticketing data. Give your agents the ability to work from a single pane of glass by integrating 3CLogic with your service management platform.

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Boost Your Team's Productivity

Deflect routine inquiries and simple tasks using the right dose of self-service and AI. Turn your agents into “super-agents” by giving them the ability to solve issues on the first call by putting relevant information at their fingertips.

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Turn Conversational Insights into Action

How did a phone conversation really go-between agent and employee? Reliance on agent’s notes (assuming they entered any) might not provide a complete and accurate view. 3CLogic gives you the ability to transcribe calls, apply speech analytics and produce actionable data.

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Drive Measurable Results

Continuous improvement of your customer experience requires accurate measurement of your team’s CX performance. 3CLogic gives you the most advanced reporting capabilities, making it possible to evaluate every aspect of your customer journey and adjust accordingly.

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Elevate Your Customer Service to the Cloud!

Although 3CLogic is an AWS-hosted solution we understand every business has unique requirements when it comes to migrating to the cloud. That’s why we offer a variety of deployment options, from Total Cloud to Hybrid, or even a simple connector between your CRM and a legacy on-premise telephony infrastructure.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Simple inquiries are better handled with self-service. But when the situation is complex or critical, connecting with a live agent is essential. Without a well-conceived IVR, routine issues can quickly escalate into costly crises. With 3CLogic’s IVR Analytics, enjoy forensic capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of your IVR flows and drive continuous improvements.

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"Overall, 3CLogic has enabled us to identify gaps in our processes and improve the efficiency of the service desk tremendously.”

- Dianne Kokotoff, Executive Director of Enterprise Solutions and Automation at Wellstar Health

Find out how Wellstar Health drove cost savings equal to 18 full-time employees.

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