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3CLogic’s IVR Conversation Designer allows supervisors to thoughtfully design the customer journey with intelligent call flows. Without robust analytics, however, contact center managers are designing IVRs based on assumptions about the customer, rather than reliable data. 3CLogic’s IVR Analytics feature takes the guesswork out of the customer equation and empowers managers with actionable insights to create the optimal customer and agent experience.


Visualize and Compare Call Flow Performance

With 3CLogic’s IVR Analytics, managers can visually review the performance of various IVR call flows and conduct side-by-side analyses to determine the ideal customer workflow. Data points like call volume, distribution, and hangups, enable managers to deeply understand customer journeys and outcomes and make data-informed decisions.


IVR Bottlenecks


Identify IVR Bottlenecks and Deflection Points

Easily identity bottlenecks and patterns within your telephony flows to improve the customer experience and boost agent productivity. Confidently sunset under-utilized pathways and focus agent resources where they are needed most.

Continuously Improve Contact Center Health with Robust Analytics

In addition to IVR Analytics, 3CLogic offers comprehensive reporting and performance analytics for your entire contact center. Real-time dashboards and call metrics equip supervisors with actionable data to improve contact center health and agent performance. Advanced Speech Analytics measures customer sentiment and capture keywords and phrases to proactively flag engagements and address escalated issues.

Robust Analytics

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We had made a transition from another cloud Call Center application, and have not looked back...The robustness of the reporting is incredibly easy to use. If you like the way Salesforce reporting works (I do) you will love this! Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my Call Center is key, and 3CLogic gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!
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