3C Connect

Bridge the gap between your telephony and CRM for
greater productivity and streamlined visibility.

3C Connect is the leading CTI platform that seamlessly integrates existing legacy or on-prem telephony and CRM systems for increased agent productivity and engagement insight.



Keep Your Existing Infrastructure

Rip and replace isn’t the answer. Leverage your current telephony and CRM systems and keep your call flows, IVRs, and queues intact to save time and protect your current investment.

Take Your First Step Toward the Cloud

Only with 3C Connect can you gain an early step towards enabling cloud feature functionality while laying the foundation to transition to a complete cloud hosted environment. As you grow and initiate your cloud migration strategy, 3CLogic grows with you!

Measure Performance

Access consolidated reporting to monitor effectiveness and ensure you’re meeting business goals. Reports include Agent Handled Calls, Agent Status Information, and Session History.

Empower Agents to Do Their Best

Agents typically juggle multiple applications and screens as they try to focus on the customer. Equip them with a single, unified experience to deliver fast, amazing customer service from at home or anywhere!

Discover one-click tools that boost agent productivity and enhance customer experience



Converts every phone number in your CRM into a convenient button for agents to call out using a handset or softphone with speed and simplicity.

  • Connect calls easier and faster 
  • Eliminate manual dialing
  • No more misdials

Automated Call Logging

Eliminate manual agent work with automatic logging of all customer engagements directly into your CRM record. Capture inbound and outbound call recording, screen recording, time/date, outcome, agent details and more. 

  • Speeds wrap-up time
  • Ensures accurate history
  • Flawless reporting
Call Log

Screen Pops

Never skip a beat with all caller information displayed on-screen before an agent even picks up.  

  • Equip your agent with appropriate background and context
  • Reduce call handling time
  • Personalize the customer experience

Automate Workflows

Two-way integration helps agents and managers optimize task performance to uncover greater lead efficiency.

  • Browser-based softphone intune to how agents work
  • Reduce after-call work
  • Eliminate guesswork to reduce human error

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