Skills-Based Routing:

Varying customer needs and agent skill levels can sometimes make for a bad marriage. But with 3CLogic, automatically route your clients to the agent most qualified to address their problem or inquiry based on pre-set skills and customer information, optimizing your workforce and facilitating the efficient resolution of calls on the first try.

Intelligent Blending:

There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard. Give your contact center the flexibility to seamlessly move agents between inbound and outbound initiatives as demand, strategy, and call volume dictate.

Call Priority:

While every customer is important, certain instances may require the need to prioritize specific incoming calls due to size, urgency, or status. Easily set call priorities to ensure your contact center’s most valued calls are always answered first.

Data Driven Routing:

With 3CLogic’s advanced third-party integrations, automatically recognize and route calls to the appropriate customer service representative based on all available client data stored within your CRM, Ticketing, or Workforce Management system.

Queue Callback:

Don’t keep your customers sitting in the queue. With 3CLogic’s callback feature, offer clients the convenience of receiving a call from the next available agent without the added frustration of waiting on hold.

Location Agnostic:

Regardless of your agents’ locations, ensure your customers are always assigned to the individual best equipped to meet their needs.

Intelligent Call Routing:

Provide supervisors the ability to dictate call assignments to representatives based on various metrics including wait time, idle time, and skill level to ensure the best utilization of your contact center’s resources.