As simple and appealing as replacing old legacy communication platforms with new cloud solutions may seem, full-fledged migrations are rarely practical or cost-effective. In fact, while new investments default to cloud solutions, many businesses still recognize the continued benefits legacy and on-premise platforms provide when it comes to security, quality of service, compliance, and reliability. We say, why pick? Introducing Hybrid Cloud, where old meets new to create a more versatile and practical answer to today’s business communication challenges.

Hybrid Cloud.

Merging the tried-and-true with the sleek-and-flexible.

4 Reasons Enterprises Should Adopt a Hybrid Cloud Communication Strategy


The best of both worlds - your way.

Leverage your existing Cisco or Avaya platforms with our complete end-to-end hybrid cloud contact center solutions.

Leverage Your Existing On-Premise Platform

Enhance the versatility of your Cisco, Avaya, or on-premise systems with 3CLogic’s seamlessly integrated Hybrid Cloud platform. Unify your various customer communication channels (voice, chat, social media) under a single roof while expanding existing features with intelligent Call Routing, Automatic Call Distribution, integrated cloud solutions (CRM, CSM, etc.), Real-time Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics, and more. Its the best of both worlds.



Keep Your Security Protocols Intact

Leveraging its unique distributed architecture and utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS), 3CLogic’s Hybrid Cloud offering uses the latest in microservices technology to deliver cloud communication in a manner which allows for the decomposition of individual applications and features. As a result, businesses are given the freedom to weave single services (IVR, Call Distribution, Automated Dialing, Reporting, etc.) to build useful business processes, integration flows, or user experiences behind their current firewall without disrupting current security protocols and policies.

Enhanced Quality of Service

For enterprises concerned with quality of service, enjoy the ability to merge existing on-premise platforms, such as Cisco or Avaya, with 3CLogic’s advanced cloud contact center solution on an infrastructure you know and trust. With Hybrid Cloud, extend the features and benefits of your current communications system, such as intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR), while maintaining control of the underlying network, voice quality, and connectivity to ensure consistent service to your end customers



Reliability – The Hybrid Way

Using edge computing and microservices technology, 3CLogic’s Hybrid Cloud solution combines the reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the tried-and-true stability of an on-premise system to deliver a superior degree of uptime. Avoid unscheduled system maintenance disruptions, enjoy the convenience of service redundancy, and expand the versatility of your current infrastructure – the hybrid way.

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