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Offer Immediate Online Assistance

Online chat, a feature that nearly half of consumers consider vital to an online purchase, has shown to deflect 20-70% of phone calls within the contact center. Which is why 3CLogic offers intelligent online chat as part of its multichannel communication platform, enabling businesses to streamline service interactions and increase sales, while enhancing the overall customer experience. Fast. Easy. Seamless.

3CLogic - Chat for Customer Service

Integrate Chat Into the Contact Center

Launch 3CLogic’s real-time chat channel on any company website, mobile site, or app and enable customers to quickly and conveniently gain real-time assistance with company representatives.

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Easily Identify Existing Customers

Easily identify customers on chat through your system of record and automatically route them to the agent best skilled to meet their needs, while populating agent screens with all relevant customer records and information.

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Easily Identify Existing Customers

Maintain Multichannel Communications

As 77% of consumers want to use 3 or more channels ( voice, email, text, chat, social media) during a single transaction, maintaining a multichannel communications channel has become essential. With 3CLogic, control all communication channels, interactions, and customer information from a single platform, ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

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3CLogic - Multichannel Communication Platform

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