Call Disposition:

Call disposition is a code that indicates the results of each customer interaction in order to categorize phone interactions and determine what the next course of action should be. If no result code is selected by the agent from the dropdown menu, the software solution will automatically select one. Possible call dispositions could include busy, connect, answering machine, failed, fax, rescheduled, transferred, or other, but a contact center administrator can add any call disposition to the 3CLogic system as required by their business needs.

Call Parking:

Call parking is a feature of some telephony systems that acts as a holding queue. It will hold the call rather than dropping it even if the line that is being called is busy.

Call Recording and Playback:

Call Recording is a feature that allows contact center supervisors to record calls at will or automatically for quality assurance and agent training purposes. Playback is how supervisors can access the recorded calls.

Call Scripting:

Call Scripting is the creation and uploading of dialogue scripts for contact center agents to follow when speaking to callers. 3CLogic’s software solution allows for unlimited call scripts to be uploaded the system.

Call Spikes:

Call spikes occur when a higher than normal volume of calls is either distributed by the contact center (outbound) or made to the contact center (inbound). Intense call spikes can occur seasonally or in moments of high demand, but only a system with a scalable and redundant infrastructure can handle call spikes without losing functionality or crashing.

Call Queuing:

Call queuing is used to route inbound calls. When callers dial the contact center’s number, their call is placed in a queue for available agents to pick it up.


See Project.


The cloud is a jargon term for technology that was developed without a technical definition because there was no simple way to describe the concept it represents. The cloud is merely an abstraction for virtually outsourced computing, applications, and services that can be distributed over a network. It can be maintained, accessed, and deployed by one or many data centers. In the cloud, a program can be accessed and used by many users from different access points without affecting the way it runs or needing specific physical hardware in each location to run it. Software in the cloud is also referred to as Software as a Service (Saas), cloud-based, or hosted. Clouds can be either private (owned and deployed by the company) or public (leased by the company from a third party source). 3CLogic uses the AWS public cloud to safely and securely host the 3CLogic Contact Center Solution.

Contact Center:

A contact channel is any channel of media through which a customer can be contacted or can contact you. This includes traditional voice channels such as telephone and voicemail, as well as chat, text, and social media.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and refers to software suites that are used to help companies keep track of customers. They manage customer relations by organizing and providing easy access to customer contact information (such as Company, address, phone numbers, email, preferred method of contact, title or position, etc) and previous interactions with that customer. Well known CRM software includes Infusionsoft, and Microsoft Dynamics, but many CRM software suites are available to customers. 3CLogic is unique as a contact center solution due to its ability to perform custom integrations with any CRM software on the market.