CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration and refers to technology that uses an internet application to place and receive phone calls to telephone lines and other computer application users.

Customer Integration:

Custom Integration refers to 3CLogic’s unique ability to integrate our software solution with any existing CRM software


DNC stands for Do Not Call, meaning a compiled list of phone numbers or customers who have stated that they do not wish to be contacted by your contact center in the future. As a contact center administrator, you have the ability to set up and/or upload multiple DNC lists for the entire contact center as well as individual projects.

DNC Scrubbing:

DNC scrubbing is an automatic function that checks whether numbers that have been uploaded are on the DNC list. It prevents these numbers from being called without anyone in the contact center having to manually determine that those numbers are not allowed to be contacted.


This is an automatic caller number detection feature; however it works differently from ANI. If a contact center has multiple phone lines, then DNIS can determine which phone line the customer dialed on their inbound call to reach the contact center.


Downtime is a measure of the duration of time that a computer, network, or system is unavailable or fails to function and experiences an outage.

Grid Computing:



See Cloud


Inbound or Inbound Dialing refers to any calls that are received by agents at your contact center. The most common use of an inbound dialing solution is a customer support or customer service hotline.


Infrastructure refers to basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of an enterprise, as well as the services and facilities necessary to function. It can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide framework supporting an entire structure of development.