IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It refers to a pre-recorded audio menu of options that will play when a customer dials in to your line. They can select options with voice commands in an IVR with voice recognition capabilities, or use the touch-pad or dial-pad on their phone to select the option that will direct their call or inquiry to the correct department or agent. As a call center administrator, you can record your own IVR menu and use skills-based routing to ensure that calls will be directed to the agent or group of agents most capable of servicing the call.


Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed. 3CLogic uses a JAVA-based server for our technology.


A lead is a contact that a salesperson reaches out to in order to turn them into a potential customer.

Lead Management:

Lead management is used to organize sales leads or prospective customers to easily track progress or a project and determine what the next steps are for each lead, depending on their status in the system.

Lead Recycling:

Lead recycling is a function of lead management. It enables calls that do not finalize as a desired disposition to be put back into a project’s list of leads to be dialed.


Listen is a feature which allows a contact center supervisor to unobtrusively monitor a call between an agent and a customer. Most contact center solutions allows for supervisors to record agent calls and play them back, but 3CLogic’s "Listen" feature enables supervisors to listen to a call as it unfolds in real-time.

Manual Dialing:

Manual dialing is the act of an agent dialing a call themselves. This generally tends to be time-consuming and wasteful of contact center efforts when automatic and predictive dialers can be used to greatly speed up the process.


Outbound or Outbound Dialing refers to any calls that your agents make to customers, prospective leads, etc. It also includes calls that are made via Call Blast, or predictive dialer functions. Outbound dialing generally applies to many types of industries and businesses including outreach, promotions, and sales.

PCI-DSS Compliance:

PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and compliance to that standard means that all organizations must follow certain policies when storing, processing and transmitting their customer's credit card data. Adhering to policies and procedures set out by PCI-DSS is important to protect the security of financial transactions between a customer and your business. To be PCI complaint, companies must use a firewall between wireless network and their cardholder data environment, use the latest security and authentication options, change default settings for wired privacy keys, and use a network intrusion detection system.


A portal is a website that brings together information, resources, and web applications from diverse sources in a uniform way. Our portal offers 3CLogic clients access to self-service resources and can help them find the information and tools they need to smoothly manage their contact center including workforce management.