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Modernize your CRM to streamline the experience for customers and agents

Customers crave hyper-personalization, efficient interactions, and 24/7 omnichannel communication options. Siloed platforms simply can’t meet these expectations.

Equip your agents with 3CLogic’s Salesforce contact center solution – available for both Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud – to give them the information and tools they need to deliver exceptional experiences that translate to business results.

With a seamless integration for Salesforce, 3CLogic’s Cloud Contact Center enhances your existing service channels with advanced voice solutions, such as speech analytics and intelligent call routing, that empower your agents to achieve sales, marketing, and customer service objectives. An automated screen pop of relevant customer information ensures agents are prepared to deliver optimized experiences every time.

3CLogic’s suite of voice solutions is compatible with Salesforce Lightning, enabling agents to enjoy a deeply customizable interface while improving efficiency, streamlining lead management, and delivering consistent customer service experiences. 

Explore how 3CLogic’s Salesforce integration transforms the way sales and service teams operate and delivers hyper-personalization that leaves customers delighted.


Create Intelligent Voice Workflows 

With 3CLogic’s intuitive drag-and-drop IVR Conversation Designer, contact center managers can create dynamic call flows that leverage Salesforce CRM data. Easily configure simple or complex routing rules to ensure customers are always directed to the best resolution or qualified agent.


Leverage Automation to Drive Efficiency and Minimize Administrative Tasks

3CLogic’s voice-enabled self-service capabilities empower customers to resolve their own issues, freeing agents to refocus their attention on complex interactions where they’re truly needed. Automated call logging and recording ensures that every customer interaction is synced to your Salesforce instance, auto-creating a new Lead or Case or updating an existing Salesforce record. Plus, advanced speech-to-text technology minimizes errors and manual tasks by recording and transcribing calls.

Demystify Customer Interactions With Advanced Speech Analytics

Quickly identify key points of interest with 3CLogic’s Speech Analytics, powered by Observe.AI, rather than manually reviewing phone calls. Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover not only what customers and agents are saying, but how they’re saying it. With a deeper understanding of customer and agent tone and sentiment, you can proactively identify issues and swiftly intervene.



Simplify Agents’ Lives With Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, and Screen Pops

Empower your agents to provide exceptional customer service efficiently. With 3CLogic’s embedded Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), starting a phone call or sending an SMS message for an active Salesforce CRM phone number just takes the click of a button. Automated data-rich screen pops quickly deliver customer information to agents, enabling them to provide personalized experiences and optimize first call resolutions.

Gain Unprecedented Insight Into Customer Satisfaction and Agent Performance

Understand the big picture with real-time reporting that enables managers to easily spot performance over time or drill down into specific KPIs to make targeted improvements. Because 3CLogic integrates with Salesforce, you can also fold your telephony data into dashboards from your digital channels to gain a 360-degree view of performance. Leverage automated reports to spend less time manually combing through data and more time driving impact.


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Transform the customer experience with 3CLogic and Salesforce

Serving leading Global 2000 companies across five continents, 3CLogic is deeply experienced in helping enterprise organizations dial up their digital transformation.

Discover why our clients love 3CLogic and ServiceNow CSM

“We had made a transition from another cloud call center application, and have not looked back ... If you like the way Salesforce reporting works (I do), you will love this! Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my call center is key, and [3CLogic] gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!”

Why choose 3CLogic as your Salesforce voice solution provider?


With Salesforce CRM-integrated capabilities, 3CLogic’s Cloud Contact Center solution enhances efficiency and empowers agents to manage all customer information and communication from a single platform. As a leading cloud contact center solution, we prioritize working closely with industry professionals to continuously improve our offerings.


Don’t sell the customer experience short.

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