Seamlessly Integrate Voice and SMS Solutions for SAP with 3CLogic

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Enable intelligent conversations across all your business operations within SAP

It's time to connect your back-office operations to your front-office customer and employee engagements to deliver faster resolutions, better agent performance, and exceptional service experiences.

With 3CLogic, enjoy the net benefits of an integrated cloud call center solution with the business intelligence of SAP’s powerful CRM and service management software.

No more swivel chairing between platforms.  No more disjointed and siloed channels.  No more manual and time-intensive excel spreadsheets to measure performance. Instead, enjoy the convenience of working from SAP’s unified agent and administrative desktop with integrated voice and SMS channels, access to business-wide customer details and context, and rich reporting insights available at your fingertips – instantly.


3CLogic CTI Integration for SAP

Best of all? Your customers will feel the difference.

Discover the power of conversational voice self-service, dynamic customer journeys, and AI-enabled analytics.  Designed to enhance SAP.  Built for you.  

Discover how 3CLogic voice and SMS solutions enhance your SAP workflows


SAP Service Cloud

Elevate the customer service experience for both your customers and your agents with 3CLogic’s SAP Service Cloud solution.  Automate responses to common call inquires with voice self-service or create the most efficient and personalized customer journey to a live agent for more complex requests with SAP-integrated IVR workflows and computer telephony integration (CTI). 

3CLogic goes beyond the call


Discover Our SAP Solutions

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See 3CLogic’s SAP integration in action

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their CRM or customer service management platforms to accelerate their digital transformation.

3CLogic is transforming the customer service experience

“A flexible and integrative solution that supports complex workflows With 3CLOGIC we found a product that supports our mission to be available for ours. Call routing is flexible and the system is well integrated with our system of record (one platform). What you get is a very well-designed system with a broad range of capabilities that let you think outside of the box. Designing complex workflows is not a pain anymore”


Why 3CLogic for your SAP instance?

Globally deployed and available on five continents, enterprises across industries including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, finance, insurance, travel, government, and higher education today rely on 3CLogic to complement their digital transformation strategies.

Designed to enhance existing CRM and customer service management platforms, 3CLogic is a recognized cloud contact center leader dedicated to building flexible, reliable, innovative, and secure solutions for both sales and customer support teams striving to deliver efficient and memorable sales, customer, and/or employee experiences. With our dedicated team of experts, growing community of partners, and 24/7/365 global support, our success is tied to our customer's successes. It's why organizations both big and small choose 3CLogic.

Dial up your digital transformation.

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