Integrated Voice and SMS Workflows for SAP

Enhance the customer experience with 3CLogic and SAP Service Cloud

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Enhance the customer experience with 3CLogic and SAP Service Cloud

The customer service journey is a complicated one.  It takes a lot of moving pieces working in sync – from sales, to order management & processing, to customer support – to allow for a seamless experience. 

Transform your customer service operations with rich and integrated voice & SMS workflows designed to solve for the every day – whether simple or complex. 

Discover how advanced and scalable features such as SAP-integrated self-service voice experiences, two-way SMS, intelligent live agent routing, and conversational analytics are modernizing the customer service experience with the 3CLogic solution for SAP Service Cloud.  



"Today, customer service is a critical part of the value chain. When combined with the new Service Cloud, 3CLogic’s capabilities enable customer service to deliver the entire servicing value chain from engagement to resolution.”

Nitin Badjatia - SVP, Product Marketing and Solutions Management for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud


Discover how SAP & 3CLogic leaders are preparing for the future of CX

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Optimize the Agent Experience to Serve Customers Faster

Empower your customer service agents to efficiently field inquiries with relevant and personalized data hosted in SAP.  With 3CLogic’s fully integrated computer telephony integration (CTI), agents can seamlessly operate from SAP’s unified agent desktop enabling a consolidated experience designed to improve employee productivity with automated SAP screen-pops, automation of agent tasks, and click-to-call features.



Automate Common Requests with Voice and SMS Self-Service

Leverage the latest in speech technology to minimize manually intensive tasks.  With advanced capabilities including call transcription, natural language processing (NLP), and the latest in SMS messaging you can encourage customers to independently resolve everyday issues through voice or SMS-enabled self-service, freeing up agents to handle more complex, high-touch interactions

Deliver Intelligent and Personalized Customer Journey Experiences

With 3CLogic’s intuitive drag-and-drop IVR Conversation Designer managers can easily design personalized call workflows integrated with SAP service Cloud to deliver intelligent customer journey experiences and outcomes – no IT resources required.



Monitor Your Quality of Service with Real-time Reporting, Dashboards, and AI-powered Analytics

Demystify customer interactions and understand your contact center health with reporting and analytics integrated with SAP Service Cloud. Advanced speech transcription and machine learning inform sentiment scoring of customer engagements so management can proactively generate supervisor alerts. Our IVR Analytics feature also enables managers to pinpoint IVR bottlenecks and deflection points in order to continuously improve customer workflows. 

Enable Convenient Customer Service Interactions with SMS

Enable the convenience of integrated SMS messaging to better server your customers.  Easily configure automated SMS alerts & notifications based on SAP-triggered events or offer conversational two-way SMS messaging as an alternative to calling in for help and support.


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Dial up your digital transformation with 3CLogic

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their CRM or customer service management platforms to accelerate their digital transformation.

3CLogic is transforming the customer service experience

“A flexible and integrative solution that supports complex workflows With 3CLOGIC we found a product that supports our mission to be available for ours. Call routing is flexible and the system is well integrated with our system of record (one platform). What you get is a very well-designed system with a broad range of capabilities that let you think outside of the box. Designing complex workflows is not a pain anymore workflow to better service our students and parents. Now students and parents have the option to speak to an agent or request a call back if they do not want to wait in the call queue.”

Why choose 3CLogic for your SAP Instance?


Globally deployed and available on five continents, enterprises across industries including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, finance, insurance, travel, government, and higher education today rely on 3CLogic to complement their digital transformation strategies.

Designed to enhance existing CRM and customer service management platforms, 3CLogic is a recognized cloud contact center leader dedicated to building flexible, reliable, innovative, and secure solutions for both sales and customer support teams striving to deliver efficient and memorable sales, customer, and/or employee experiences. With our dedicated team of experts, growing community of partners, and 24/7/365 global support, our success is tied to our customer's successes. It's why organizations both big and small choose 3CLogic.


Don’t let your customers get hung up on a bad experience.

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