Cloud Contact Center integration for ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Humanizing Human Resources.

Employees are customers too. If customer service can make or break a business, same goes for employees. It’s time to value your own people as much as you do your customers.
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Expand Capacity to Work

Efficiently address cases in the ServiceNow platform with 3CLogic’s fully integrated computer telephony integration (CTI) and softphone using ServiceNow OpenFrame and SSO.
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Plot Your Ideal Employee Journey

Design, build, and modify the ideal employee experience with 3CLogic’s ServiceNow-embedded drag-and-drop IVR solution and designer.  Easily configure simple or complex customer journeys, self-service workflows, or customized actions to create optimized outcomes.
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Simplify Employee Outreach

Extend one-click-to-call or click-to-SMS capabilities from Service Requests  or Contact records while fully leveraging the rich customer and interactions data stored in your ServiceNow HR solution for optimized employee relations.
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More Than Digital Channels — Omnichannel

Avoid channel conflict, with 3CLogic’s unique presence integration with ServiceNow’s digital workflows (email and chat) to deliver a truly omnichannel solution (voice and SMS) that allows for any HR Service Center to manage all requests seamlessly - in relation to each other - from one unified platform.
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Automate Manual Tasks

Eliminate repetitive and manual tasks with automated postings of representative activities, notes, call recordings, call transcriptions, result codes, and survey results to the appropriate ServiceNow Service Request, contact record, or interaction.
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Create HR Super Agents

Enhance your HR service team’s ability to offer personalized experiences with automated ServiceNow Service Request screen-pops, client identity pre-verification features, and real-time IVR journey details.
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Know How Your Employees Feel

Proactively initiate ServiceNow supervisor alerts and tasks based on near real-time sentiment monitoring and scoring of engagements with advanced speech transcription, keyword spotting, and machine learning.
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Consolidate Insights

Enjoy reporting, live dashboards & wallboards from one, centralized location within the ServiceNow interface for a complete view of both real-time and historical data and trends.
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Make It All Happen From One Unified Platform

Benefit from a fully integrated and unified administrative portal for your ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform to manage agent assignments, queues, IVR configurations, result codes, designated phone numbers, reporting & analytics, and more.

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