SMS for CRM and Service Management Platforms

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Drive a more connected customer experience with integrated SMS for easy alerts & notifications, and one-click outreaches from your primary system of record or CRM.  It’s just one more way 3CLogic makes it easy to engage.

An easy engagement channel that does a lot.

Enable Convenient Click-to-Text from Your CRM or System of Record

With 3CLogic’s Click-to-Text/SMS capabilities, reaching customers on-demand with important updates is both easy and convenient. Allow agents to use templated SMS responses or send customized messages directly from your CRM or Service Management platform while automatically logging each outreach for reporting and compliance needs.



Easily Create Automated SMS Surveys or Appointment Reminders.

Increase the response rate from customers to quickly understand how well your team is performing with automated SMS surveys sent after each engagement or based on specific business rules you create. You can also save your agents time by automating mundane tasks, such as sending appointment reminders, to allow them to focus on more complex and pressing customer issues.

Trigger SMS Alerts and Notifications from your CRM to Quickly Update Customers

Alert customers of important updates at scale, such as an ongoing disruption of service in their area, based on real-time changes to data and workflows in your CRM or system of record, such as ServiceNow. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce call volumes with automated notifications to changes in the status of a support ticket or send links to helpful knowledge articles.



Extend the ServiceNow Platform with Native SMS Capabilities

Complement ServiceNow's existing digital channels for IT Service ManagementCustomer Service Management, or HR Service Deliver with integrated SMS features including two-way SMS messaging and embedded SMS ServiceNow reports to deliver effective customer or employee experiences - all from one convenient agent workspace.

3CLogic is the premier voice-enabling solution for cloud platforms

Global 2000 enterprises across healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and transportation industries are already using 3CLogic to extend their cloud service platforms and accelerate their digital transformation. Learn more about our integrations with ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

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Why do clients love 3CLogic?

I'm an experienced workforce and call routing manager familiar with Genesys, Avaya, and VOIP systems. 3CLogic is very user-friendly and easy to comprehend. I would imagine someone with no experience at all could get a very basic call routing up and running within a single day! I've been impressed with the IVR functionality. For those familiar with IVR's 3CLogic has an interface that allows users to make many of the changes that used to take days in previous platforms, in minutes.
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