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SMS Call Center Software

SMS for CRM and Service Management Platforms

Drive a more connected customer experience with integrated SMS for easy alerts & notifications, and one-click outreaches from your primary system of record or CRM.  It’s just one more way 3CLogic makes it easy to engage.

An easy engagement channel that does a lot.

Generate One-Click Messages

Allow agents to use templated SMS responses or send customized messages directly from your CRM or Service Management platform for easy updates and outreaches.

Create Automated Client Surveys

Send SMS-based surveys following each client exchange or with CRM business rules and triggers to quickly assess and track the quality of your customer service.


Automatically Track Agent Activities

Document and store each SMS outreach in your CRM or Service Management solution for future reference, training, or reporting purposes.

Enable Integrated Alerts and Notifications

Trigger automated SMS alerts and notifications based on call disposition codes, CRM record statuses, or pre-defined business workflows directly from your primary system of record.


Why do clients love 3CLogic?

Knowing exactly what is going on when it is happening in my Call Center is key, and 3CLogic gives me the tools to always be ahead of the game!
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