3CLogic Computer Telephony Integration

A powerful gateway to customer service excellence for your enterprise.

    Empower your agents with the tools to serve customers effectively and efficiently
while providing supervisors a single window into performance to ensure goals are achieved.

Simplify the Agent Experience

  • Access Customer Data Instantly: Automatically populate agent screens with all relevant client details the moment an interaction begins to improve first call resolutions.  

  • Automate Administrative Tasks: Eliminate manual work for agents to increase productivity and decrease wrap-up time. Quickly add notes, capture engagement activity and schedule follow-on tasks to set your agent up for continued success.

Discover a New Freedom

  • Enable Remote Agents: Cut the cord and enable agents to work from anywhere, including a home office or mobile phone, to ensure your team stays connected and online at all times for full-time customer service.

  • Minimize Distractions: With all call controls and activity managed from a single-window interface, free your agents from multiple screens and systems so they can focus their attention where it should be –the customer. 

Consistency Made Simple with Scripting

  • Customize for the Personal Touch: Build any script to fit your needs, empowering supervisors to fully modify codes and sync scripts with any database management system (CRM, WFM, or Ticketing system) to create personalized, data-driven interactions.

  • Dynamic for Ultimate Flexibility: Create, edit, and update dynamic scripts in real-time, keeping agents aware of any changes to company goals, initiatives and needs without impacting the daily workflow.

Integrate for Success

  • Expand the Value of Your Data: Connect your CRM swiftly and easily with 3CLogic's communication platform, creating a single interface to access client data and manage all communications to improve sales and drive customer loyalty

  • Optimize your Workforce: Merge 3CLogic and your Workforce Management solution to easily access historical interactions, understand contact center trends and efficiently coach agents to enhance your business’s overall performance. 

Drive Superior Quality Management

  • Silently Monitor and Assist Agents: Enable supervisors to listen in on any call in real-time and whisper additional assistance to ensure every interaction is in-line with company goals.

  • Appropriately Hand-Off Calls for Optimal Service: Transferring calls to the correct agent that can best meet the caller’s needs is pivotal to a superior customer experience. Select from warm or cold transfer to increase efficiency and accuracy, as well as reduce the time to resolve the caller’s issue.

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